Participate in a Survey about Driver’s License and Get a Chance to Win $50 just by Joining

Recently, I had to double check when my driver’s license will expire. Thankfully, I won’t have to renew it until next year. Having to renew my driver’s license concerns me. Especially because I have witnessed for myself during the last time I renewed that it is possible to find out that you have a violation during your time of renewal even if you are actually not in the country during the alleged time of violation. This was the case of a senior citizen who I renewed license with last September 2010. The lady was not in the country the whole time and only arrived some weeks before and she has not driven in so many years. The theory of fellow drivers who were in line back then – her license was faked.

I had no idea back then that this thing actually happens to random LTO-license carrying citizens. That is, until I witnessed first hand. But because we know too well how good our underground artists are in Recto in selling fake IDs and all these YouTube videos on making them in under 6 minutes, what should we expect?

My thoughts include the hope that our government will actually do something this. Just like how BSP worked on incorporating additional security features to our money tender, hopefully the Land Transportation Office will do the same. And because I’m all for eradicating anything fraudulent, here’s our chance to participate to let the government know our thoughts. And because your opinion counts, you have a chance to win these prizes just by answering the survey.

The Prizes:

One winner of $50 or PhP cash equivalent

One winner of $25 or PhP cash equivalent

Two winners of PhP500 of SM Gift card

* One comment per household or IP address. 

GO TO THE SHORT SURVEY LINK BELOW. You will answer 5 simple questions only. Remember to go back to this blog post to leave a significant comment.


To make your entry to the raffle count, fill out your details here below. Specify Marriage and Beyond to the question, “which blog you entered.”

Thank you for joining! Hopefully even through this avenue our voices will be heard by our government and will work towards the progress of our country.

Participate in a Survey about Driver’s License and Get a Chance to Win $50 just by Joining

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