Romantic Plantation Bay

What they say about needing a vacation after a vacation is oh so true. Meanwhile, as I go right back to regular programming, allow me to share a couple of photos from our Plantation Bay stay. I cannot help but feel the romantic ambiance of the place and be convinced that it is a great place to hold weddings. Yes, that’s the wedding coordinator in me speaking. Since I have not gone through all the gazillion of photos we took during my dear Jeff’s birthday vacation, here are two of them.

Freshwater Swimming Pool within Piazza Palermo

Because I recently got another inquiry about wedding planning, I just had to have a look-see and know for myself how’s the rate now for a Plantation Bay wedding. Whether it will done on a romantic outdoor setting in one of Plantation Bay parks, under the gazebo where our room was located, or overlooking the luxurious lake, a wedding in Plantation Bay just can’t go wrong. As per Plantation Bay’s website, the rate averages around P1,500 per person, which isn’t bad. Posh hotels here in Manila even have higher rates. They also provide basic conference equipment. Everything else considered, this place isn’t just good for vacationing families, that’s for sure.

Gazebo by the Windward Cluster

For the three days that we spent in Plantation Bay, we were able to enjoy the Windward Freshwater Swimming Pool in the midst of which is this gazebo. I wouldn’t have known that it can look stunning if not for our son’s very curious instincts. He had the gazebo lights on when he was Facetiming with his Tita Rose. He had his breakfast and night cap there too, while the hubby and I had ours on the patio. The setting is so romantic. Definitely a lovely venue for a wedding. Watch out for my series of post on our Plantation Bay getaway. 🙂

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa
Marigondon, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Romantic Plantation Bay

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