Homeschooling Milestone: Officially Done with Level 3

Today is the day we officially finished Level 3. Yay! Per our record, we started with Level 3 last January 4, 2012. I am one proud Teacher Mama! Because I more often micro blog via Instagram and Twitter (which practically explains why I don’t update this blog as often), my default was to document this milestone via IG. But because this is more than just a trivial feat, here I am, happy and proud, blogging away my Jed love’s progress! Now to Level 4 we go! 🙂

As homeschoolers, we have to submit Jed’s PACE Tests, all 96 of them (12 tests each per subject), together with his Level 3 Master Record Sheet to the School of Tomorrow office. We will then order his PACES for Level 4 and get right down to our homeschooling business. Our family has been homeschooling since 2009 and we cannot be more happy that we chose this alternative education for our son.

Homeschooling Milestone: Officially Done with Level 3

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