A Birthday Surprise for the Hubby’s 37th!

In exactly three weeks, my dear husband is turning 37 years old! Yay! Being married to this man for almost eleven years is one of God’s greatest gifts to me.  To this day, I look at him and still thank my God for being the ultimate match maker. My Type A tendencies can only be tamed and complemented by my very diplomatic, unassuming, ever so patient and process person, Jeff.

The hubby’s Plantation Bay birthday celebration is not exactly the surprise. Ever since we got married, we have agreed to consult each other with major purchases for accountability purposes. And yes, this belongs to the major category. We have booked with Plantation Bay last quarter of last year.  And we thank God that we will be able to take this trip to celebrate the birthday of the love of my life. Here’s praying for a good weather both in Cebu and Manila that time. It would be hard to leave Manila if weather will be like what it has been the last few weeks. And I have not even started with the flooding scare we had to deal with last week.

 As what to get him for his birthday, I have been swinging by Mens Clothing Stores recently just to have a look see if there is anything he might like. For a change, I’m having him open something on his 37th. I haven’t been very diligent and thoughtful in giving him presents on his birthdays. To date, I probably have only given him a couple of wrapped gifts in all our eleven years together. Boy, am I glad that his primary love language is Words of Affirmation! I can be in so much trouble if his primary love language is Receiving Gifts! Haha!

Because we can give without loving but we cannot love without giving, I might get him belts for men with his even fancier but not exactly pricier birthday surprise. And because my husband is a very composed man, he won’t go squeaking with delight like I would if I were in his shoes. I’m sure he’ll try to figure what it is to satisfy his curiosity. But even with his Mensa powers, there is no way he’ll guess what it is. I swear, I am always more excited about Jeff’s birthday than I will ever be over my own, which comes shortly after his. Happy 37th birthday in advance, my love! 🙂

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A Birthday Surprise for the Hubby’s 37th!

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