City Delivery and The Generics Pharmacy Convenience

My trip to the drugstore this year has probably more than tripled all the previous three or four years combined. It did not help that both my son and I got hospitalized the first quarter of 2012. Yes, that’s a lot to spend on medicines. But because I always asked our doctors for our medicines’ generic names, we did not have to spend more than we needed to. I have learned from one of our doctors that generic brands are actually as effective, if not better. Considering, all the money you save. From then on out, I knew better. 🙂

And as a very practical person, I always grab the next convenient thing to do, if I ever have an access to one at all. It was only recently that I discovered that the The Generics Pharmacy now delivers via the trusty City Delivery service.

City Delivery’s 87878 number, the premiere multi restaurant delivery service, has expanded their service to the delivery of medicines and even house items!

And here is what I have recently started my son with from The Generics PharmacyLemon-Cee Ascorbic Acid. Ordering medicines is as easy as ordering some food for delivery via call center, sms or website. But for prescription meds, a copy of the prescription is needed to be emailed and faxed to City Delivery. Convenience at its best. I know I can make use of this because juggling all the things that I do isn’t really all that easy.

City Delivery
Hotline: 87878 or 09176387878
FB Page:

City Delivery and The Generics Pharmacy Convenience

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