Papa’s Cataract Surgery at Q.C. Eye Center

It wasn’t until our family was in Vietnam for a vacation last March, specifically during our Upper Mekong Delta Tour, that I learned about Papa’s right eye being already practically blind. His lone functioning eye was his left eye. Mama told me about it when he tripped as we were walking towards the motor boat for our tour. I have always remembered Papa wearing glasses from when I was little. He’s actually been wearing spectacles for 27 years. I never thought his eye problem has taken a turn for the worst.

I thought right there that I am going to have his eyes checked as soon as we come home to Manila. We learned after his check up that what he has was sub-capsular cataract. Because of some legal issues I had to deal with after arriving home, it took a while before the cataract surgery was scheduled. It was a real blessing that I came across Dr. Archie Agahan of Q.C. Eye Center and Manila Vision Correction Center through my good friend Iris of and I was offered a good price. Helpful Tip: It pays to have PhilHealth coverage. We were able to make use of Papa’s PhilHealth benefits for his cataract surgery.

A week before Papa’s cataract surgery, we went to Q.C. Eye Center for him to have a comprehensive eye examination.  It was such a blessing that we had a doctor as accommodating as Dr. Archie Agahan. He answered all my questions and dealt even with my personal apprehensions. I had quite a number of concerns since this was our first time to encounter cataract and its cure. We were told that what Papa was going to have is Phacoemulsification with implant and it is practically risk-free. We left Doc Aga’s (as we would fondly call him) 🙂 clinic hopeful for my father’s vision being restored soon.

The Q.C. Eye Center is frequented by quite a number of patients, I have observed. This receiving area is for the patients who are scheduled to have their surgery done for the day. We came in pretty early. Thus, we were first in line. 🙂 The doctor’s clinic and the eye examination area are located in the upper floors of the building.

Minutes before Papa’s Cataract Surgery, Dr. Archie put some anaesthetic eye drops on Papa’s right eye. He did this twice before Papa and I were ushered in the prep room to change to our respective scrubs and sterile slippers.

The Patient (my father) and Dr. Archie Agahan, ready to rock it.

Dr. Archie Agahan and his team with the nervous patient (My Papa) 🙂

Intraocular Lens implant

The Introcular Lens implant replaces the natural lens of the eye (which has developed opacification) that is vacuumed out during a Cataract Surgery. Although the procedure may a give a little discomfort to the patient because of the eye having to stay open for the surgery, it is highly recommended for people who have cataract. I know this for a fact. Because shortly after the operation, my father expressed his delight about finally being able to see clearly from his right eye that used to be practically blind. 🙂



Because I took a video of the whole cataract surgery procedure, I have noted that it only took less than 15 minutes.  Inasmuch as I could not help but wince as I was taking the video (reminded me too why I did not pursue my childhood dream of becoming a doctor), I was nonetheless in awe and stepped out of the operating room and off of my scrubs with brand new respect for eye doctors. It was, for me, an experience in itself.

After the nurse has cleaned Papa’s face and the skin surrounding his right eye, he was asked to wear this Post-Cataract Surgery Protective Eyewear. He was to wear this until his eye is completely healed.

Post-Cataract Surgery Eye Drops

Papa was given two eye drops for his Post-Cataract Surgery care: Prednisolone Acetate (Corticosteroid) and Gatifloxacin (Antibacterial). He has to use the eye drops every three hours for one week and was told to go back to check with Dr. Archie the week after. The dosage was reduced then to every six hours.

Post-Cataract Surgery Care Reminders

  1. Use the eye drops as prescribed by the doctor. With five minute interval per medicine.
  2. Don’t rub and wet the eye.
  3. Avoid splashing water directly into the eye to avoid infection.
  4. You may use a clean, soft, wet towel to wipe your face. Avoid using handkerchief.
  5. Use the protective goggles at all times.
  6. Avoid putting pressure and scratching the eyes.
  7. Avoid carrying heavy load.
  8. Follow up with your doctor on schedule.

A short backgrounder of Dr. Archie Agahan, his training and specialization:
Name: Archimedes Lee D. Agahan
Doctor of Medicine – UP College of Medicine 1995-2000
Residency Training in Ophthalmology – UP-PGH 2001-2003
Fellowship Training in Cornea, External Eye Diseases, Uveitis – UP-PGH 2004
Master in Ocular Surface, Uveitis, and Refractive Surgery – University of Valladolid, Spain – 2005- 2006

For those who are brave enough to watch, here are my uploaded videos of Papa’s Cataract Surgery done by Dr. Archie Agahan.


Two weeks and a half since my father’s cataract surgery, he can now see clearly without the aid of eyeglasses. Dr. Archie Agahan has scheduled his left eye cataract surgery this coming October 2012. Yes, his left eye has mild cataract but can still see. But we will not wait until its condition becomes as bad as his right eye before we get it addressed.

We are really thankful that it was Dr. Archie Agahan who took care of Papa’s eye problem. Unlike other doctors I have got used to dealing with, Doc Aga actually responds to sms and to his patient’s concerns. And just when we were expecting him to come really late for his appointment (like most of my doctors would), he suprisingly was there even ahead of his nurses and staff. Beat that! We love Dr. Archie Agahan already and we totally vouch for his services. To date, he has done more than a thousand successful eye operations. More than anything, I am very happy that my father’s vision is restored. Thank God for these good doctors that He uses as instruments to heal. 🙂

Q.C. Eye Center
QC Eye Center
Anita Building
Quezon Ave. Corner Timog Ave.
Quezon City
Tel. (632) 372.0828 | (632) 208.0295
Schedule: Saturday Morning

Manila Vision Correction Center (MVCC)
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Place
Manila, Pedro Gil Wing
Schedule: Saturday P.M.

Papa’s Cataract Surgery at Q.C. Eye Center

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