Weddings with Daisy Days

Five years since Marriage and Beyond was born and we still get considerable amount of visits pertaining to weddings, marriage and parenting. It tickles me pink to this day, that this blog still has good SERPS standing when people search for the term “Christian Wedding Symbols.” And to think that I published that post in 2007 just because I had to share what I had to share and with zero knowledge what seo was, at that.

With this in mind, here is a feature on Weddings. Something I have loved doing for a good number of years after I resigned from the bank I worked for was being a wedding planner. Yes, more than all those years I spent in the bank. The fulfillment is so much more than managing investments and all the pressure that goes with banking. Doing weddings is so much more fun that it almost did not feel like work for me back then. It’s definitely something I would love to go back to if I have altogether changed my mind about being an online publisher and a virtual assistant.

The pressures of doing weddings mostly zero in on the suppliers.  A good wedding coordinator/planner will guard with her life her list of reliable suppliers, from gown, string quartet, wedding invitations, cakes, accessories, autumn wedding favors, gifts, among others. It helps a great deal if one has a one stop shop like Daisy Days to take care of the bulk of a couple’s wedding concerns. It is definitely a plus.

I browsed through the Daisy Days website and they have very impressive line up of supplies that will make things easier for the bride, groom and the wedding coordinator to come up with a lovely wedding plan. As trivial as these “wedding details” may sound, they are crucial and can make a great wedding or a flop one. Instead of shopping around from different suppliers, a one stop shop is always a welcome convenience for the bride and groom as the theme can easily be mixed and matched right there and then without going through the rigors of canvassing different places. If you are soon to wed, is a good place start.


Weddings with Daisy Days

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