Upper Mekong Delta River Tour

After our brief stay at the Laughing Buddha Temple, we headed right to the Upper Mekong Delta River. I was honestly a little jittery before the ride. I was not too sure about being in a boat in the midst of this huge, murky river.

We rode in one of these ten to fifteen seater motor boats as we sailed through the Upper Mekong Delta River. Our first stop was in one of those orchard islets, where lunch of Vietnamese delicacies were served.

Yes, the life vest was the the first thing I spotted upon settling in my seat. Haha! I swore right there I’m going to learn how to swim when I get back to Manila. ๐Ÿ™‚

The boat ride made us feel kind of sticky. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the Mekong Delta River mist plus the tropical weather. ย But the Vietnamese food made it all so worth it! Even before breathing the air in Vietnam, I was already partial toward Vietnamese food. Little did I know that the authentic ones are sooo much better.

Our table filled with Vietnamese goodness for lunch

After lunch, we headed to another dock where we were to ride one of these hand-rowed sampan.

If I was jittery before riding that bigger motor boat earlier, I can say I was borderline hysterical when I saw this tiny boat. Teehee! I’m scaredy that way. I even asked our tour guide if there was a life saver and she just smiled at me. I even seriously asked her if I can skip the ride! But we were all kind of careful not to rock the boat. So I guess, it was not really just me. ๐Ÿ˜›

My son held hands with Tom (our tour guide and his new friend), for the most part, of our walk through the islet.

After the Vietnamese Sampan boat ride, we walked to the Fruit Village. Each person was served with a plateful of different fruits that are present in the village. The tropical fruits (watermelon, jackfruit, banana, pneapple and dragonfruit) taste a lot like our local ones.

Our tour guide, Tom, explained the kind of instrument each of these Vietnamese folk musicians were playing.

And while the musicians were performing, our little man found a way to entertain himself – wrapped in a hammock, playing with one of his challenge coins.ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Vietnamese Honey Tea

A part of the orchard islet we went to was this place where we were given honey tea.

We were shown where their honey bees make their sweet merchandise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Whoever is responsible for getting this organized is doing such a fine job in the tourism department. We were led to the Coconut Village. The ladies showed us the process of making Coconut Candies. They were all oh so tasty! They have different flavors too.

Our tour guide pointing out the different products that are made in the Coconut Village. From candies, to wine, to bath soap. All the things that you can make out of coconut! Nothing uncommon really since we pretty much have a lot of these back home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Boat houses in Vietnamย as we cruised along the Mekong Delta River.

This Upper Mekong Delta tour made our stay in Vietnam really special. We had tons of fun! Although our friend from Cambodia mentioned that we could have maximized our trip had we taken thailand flights back home. Since we already took the bus ride to Cambodia from Vietnam, we could have traveled to Bangkok from Cambodia and headed home from there. ย It would have been three countries instead of just two. We sure took note of that though.

The tour fee of $25 per head already includes lunch, transportation, water, entrance fees and boat trips. The pastoral life of the people in those orchard islets along The Upper Mekong River (My Tho โ€“ Ben Tre) is a must see when visiting Vietnam.


Upper Mekong Delta River Tour

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