A Treat from Nido Fortified: Mom’s Day Out

It was around the time that I felt I was close to losing it because of my crazy busy routine, that I got a call and email from Nido Fortified inviting me  to a Mom’s Day Out. It could not have been more timely.  I also appreciated it a great deal that they did not time the treat around Mother’s Day since most of us moms will have our own time with our families. That was just a very mindful call, I’d say.

And speaking of mother’s day, I think it is just right to thank Nido Fortified for getting the photo I submitted for Mom’s Day to thank my mom.  The above photo went live from May 26 to 29 in Boni-Edsa. How cool is that?!  Meanwhile, this mom right here needed some tender loving pampering and Nido Fortified took care of that and some, for a good whole afternoon. If I can just emphasize it enough, life has been more hectic than it already has been the last few months.

Having picked one of my favorite restaurants in the metro – Cafe Juanita, was enough for me to not to say no to the Mom’s pampering call.  Because of my even busier daily routine, I did have to stop and check before I gave this one a go.  Cafe Juanita is the one restaurant I will always look forward to dining in. Nevermind if we had to make sure we did our reservation first prior to visiting.  For those who haven’t been to Cafe Juanita yet, walking in might not be a very good idea, for the most part.

I was curious too if Cafe Juanita Burgos Circle is able to preserve the ambiance they have always been known for back in their pioneer/main branch in Kapitolyo. When I saw the bigger branch around the same area, I was even more impressed. This one in Burgos Circle had the same feel of the good old Cafe Juanita I have always known – tastefully eclectic perfectly matching the great food! Yumm!

Pinoy Ratatoy (local version of Ratatouille), Beef Caldereta, Calamares Fritos, Kare-Kare, Two-Way Pork Adobo Ribs (tender pork ribs with adobo flakes), Catfish Mango Salad

Feasting at Cafe Juanita, we did! There are a few staple dishes I would order in Cafe Juanita. I love that during this Mom’s Day Out Treat I got to sample a handful lot – adding it to my growing list of Cafe Juanita favorites. 🙂

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Crepe Samurai and Rum Cake

Now here for me is a revelation – Cafe Juanita’s desserts are to die for! While my dining experience at Cafe Juanita in the past has always been over the top, it never occurred to us to check out the desserts. Primarily because we were already stuffed with all the dishes we ordered. I should have known better. A restaurant this good cannot not have great desserts. My favorite amongst the bunch is the Sticky Toffee Pudding!

Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juadiong

Over great food and delightful ambiance, we had this very versatile child psychology expert in our midst, Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juandiong to bombard with questions about child care and development. But she proved to be more than just that as she was a very lively doctor to chit-chat with. Before we knew it, she was exchanging recipes with the rest of the mothers in the table.

The fanciful Manos Nail Spa and Lounge was our next stop.

Manos Nail Spa and Lounge menu

My tired digits are so ready for some color!

Warm Ginger Tea

Manos Signature (green tea+lemongrass)

Chanel in Quartz and this dark midnight blue Zoya lacquer for my toe nails.

Yes, those are my just pampered, newly painted, hardworking digits. With less tell-tale signs of wrestling with some dowel pin earlier that day. 😉

one more time, with feelings. 🙂 (with the lovely Manos mood for backdrop)

Moms with our just pampered nails. Love! 🙂

As if our previous meal was not good for the rest of the day, we were yet served with pasta and pizza right after our nail pampering session. Thanks to Nido Fortified for this much needed pampering session for moms. And by the way, I just had my avocado fix with  Nido Fortified, our family’s default powdered milk and sugar as I finalize this post. My 7 year old son does not drink as much milk anymore for more than a year now. But since he turned two years old, we switched him to Nido Fortified for a couple of reasons. It is the least sweet of the powdered milk varieties in the market. Second, because we can also use it and don’t have to buy a separate powdered milk variant for my hubby and me.

And if you follow me on Instagram (username: jenaspacio), you’ll know I’ve been into this avocado and milk fix in the last couple of months. Which I think has helped resolve my lactose intolerance issue. Something I have had to put up with since I was in college!  For some reason, I cannot appreciate my avocado fix with any other milk, I have not found a creamier brand than Nido Fortified.  And that’s my honest to goodness thoughts and not because of some pampering session. Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself and you can thank me later. 🙂

From the Nido Fortified commercials, this appeals to me the most. Probably because of my having an only son that I kind of see growing up just like the one on the plug. To learn more about Nestle products, you may check out http://www.nestle.com.ph. For the album of Nido Fortified Mom’s Day Out Treat head on over to Marriage and Beyond’s Facebook like page. 🙂

A Treat from Nido Fortified: Mom’s Day Out

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