My PopTalk Guesting Last May 29, 2012

It was morning of May 8 when I got this call from GMA News TV, asking if I will be available for taping for a PopTalk episode with 2 other parents, a celebrity mommy and a corporate professional daddy. I was told that I will be one of the reviewers and I will be tagged as the Mommy Blogger Expert. I did not say yes right away because of the short notice. I really am not much into this front line thing. I agreed primarily because of its potential to give Marriage and Beyond a considerable exposure.

Yes, I just got to take a screencap. Marriage and Beyond on GMA News TV! 🙂

Before that day, I had no clue what PopTalk was all about. I just don’t watch television, for the most part. If at all, I only watch once every couple of months. Mostly, National Geographic, when my son watches. But I’ve been watching PopTalk since our episode was shown. PopTalk showcases what we don’t usually look into on regular days. Giving us tips on some things we can explore or forego altogether. I had a really fun time during the taping, as well. The GMA News Live TV crew were all cool and nice. There were two other parent reviewers, Aubrey Miles as the Celebrity Mommy and Owen Formento as the Daddy who is a Corporate Professional, and the voice behind Radiustar band.


We went to three different malls in Divisoria with the purpose of reviewing them if each would make the cut (Pop) or not (Flop). The malls we went to were Tutuban Mall, 11/88 Mall and 999 Mall. I’ve only been to Divisoria around five times in my lifetime. The place is way too crowded for my taste. Whether it is wedding needs or school supplies you are after, Divisoria sure is the best place in the metro for bargain shopping. No doubt about that.

Here are some of the outtakes, shot just before we started taping.

The above picture was taken by Kuya Tonipet Gaba (using my ultra handy TX-10) when we had merienda at my favorite amongst the three malls, 999 Mall.  The food court of this mall reminded me so much of Hongkong and all its dumpling goodness.

Another shot by Kuya Tonipet Gaba (using my TX-10). Beef Mami (not sure what it’s called) by Sha Xian Xiao Chi located at 11/88 Mall.

One last shot with Owen Formento and Aubrey Miles before the taping was wrapped up. I’m not gonna bore you with more pictures. I have tons. But here’s the video of the PopTalk episode last May 29, 2012, for those who have missed the show and its replay the Sunday after.

PopTalk airs every Tuesday from 10-10:30 P.M. on QTV GMA News TV. 🙂

My PopTalk Guesting Last May 29, 2012

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