Jed Zachary’s 7th Birthday Celebration

Our not so little guy recently turned S-E-V-E-N years old! Yes, I just had to spell that out. Our culture has ages ONE and SEVEN for milestones and parents are kinda expected to throw a party for their child. While we’re not really conformist to traditions, we decided to push through with it since the birthday celebrator wanted to have one. Unlike when he was still a year old, this one he’ll be able to appreciate. It was some months ago when we started deliberating on venues. 

Since we don’t really throw him a party every year, we figured we might as well have him enjoy his birthday celebration the way he wants it. Jed originally wanted to have it done in Active Fun in SM North Edsa.  We inquired about their packages.  But we had to consider the guests who are coming from the east part of the metro and Makati. We didn’t push thru with it. It was just way too far from everyone else is coming from.

Then when we were set to do it in this highly recommended inflatable party place, we found out that it was under renovation and will not reopen until middle of May, we thought we’d just check out this newly opened fast food place where hassle-free parties are offered.  We have put off the preparation for far too long to hassle ourselves with the nitty gritty details of party planning, which we also did not have much time to do since we were to fly for our Vietnam and Cambodia trip that time.Good thing this little ball guy is easy to please, he was sold out to the newly opened Shakey’s branch and we were pretty at peace after our first visit.

More than just a mere party for our son’s 7th birthday, it was really more of a celebration of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Jed’s 7th birthday party celebration photobooth was by KrazyPix Photobooth.  It was a gift from his Ninong Montsch of and Tita Iris of!  They are the closest friends our family has who we met through the blogosphere. We love them and their family to bits. It was even Iris’s mom, dad and Dojie (her dakilang sidekick) who volunteered to set up the balloon backdrop.  How much sweeter can a friend get?!! Yes, we are loved and beyond blessed! 😀


One of the sweetest things about birthday parties is it can also serve as mini-reunion for relatives who don’t get to see each other very often. Pictured above are some of our relatives  from my father’s side who were able to make it.

Above are some of Jeff’s relatives.

Our family is more than thrilled that Jed’s Ninong Edbert made it to the party. He was the one who closed the celebration with a prayer for the celebrator, our now 7 year old Jed.

Ninong Edbert and his son came with a pair of love birds gift for Jed. Jed’s love birds pets died a couple of months ago. No wonder Jed was so thrilled to receive this gift. He wouldn’t leave them alone until I got to convince him that he’ll have them all to himself after the party.  I was able to sneak it in the corner of the room after. 🙂

There were a total of 112 in attendance. We did not mind even if the ones who confirmed were only around 60. We were not really surprised. We are aware that sending rsvp in our culture is not really given much importance. We were just relieved that we were able to reserve both rooms, which were both packed, by the way. 🙂

Ph Bakehouse Mompreneur, Iris Pulga, her girls and her sister Saydie. I am blessed to have artists, awesome bakers, photographers for friends. She provided Jed’s customized Flash Cake and party favors.  I will feature each of our suppliers in my next posts. Since it is impossible to put everything in one entry.

A few of our beautiful friends in church who were able able to make it to Jed’s party.


Jed got to be a magician in his own party. I cannot emphasize how Leodini made the difference in this party. Everybody loved him! He was beyond AWESOME!!!! Definitely worth every penny. It was also Tita Rose and Ninong Ted’s very generous gift to Jed. A week after the party and guests would still come to us to rave about how awesome Leodini was. The kids and adults alike. Yes, I will feature him as well in another blog post.  Jed, to this day still mimics his tricks, antics and funnies and would roll on the floor with laughter whenever he remembers some lines Leodini said during his party.

Thank you, Sir Leodini for making my son’s birthday party so much fun! 

The Award Winning Amazing Magician, Leodini has a rare knack for giving the best performance in a party. Just look at the faces of those kids, all zeroed-in on him. Even the adults present found themselves amazed. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything in birthday party entertainment.

I wish there was a better picture to capture the overjoyed faces of these kids. Leodini, you rock! Just look at the birthday celebrator rolling with laughter. Priceless! 😀

Here’s one of the videos I managed to take of Leodini’s tricks.

The birthday song is sang.

And the birthday boy blows out his candle. That’s the birthday cake by PH Bakehouse. 🙂

If Jed was to become Flash, this is how he’d look like. 😛  Thanks for yet another awesome cake, Project Happiness Bakehouse!  This is the second time we ordered from them. The first was our 9th anniversary cake. 🙂

The happy birthday celebrator! 😀

To our friends and loved ones who came to celebrate with us that day, thank you all so much!  Jed is growing up so fast we can hardly keep up! He is now 7 years old and soon to be on Level 4. He sure has given all the meaning to mother’s day to me when I gave birth to him seven years ago. As fun loving and  considerably obedient son this grown boy is, he definitely is not bright and sun-shiny at all times. Jeff and I have one heart as we raise him, that he will grow up glorifying God in this life. “Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”  Temporal things are gone fast, we are here to prepare for eternity with God. We love you so much, son and our prayer will always be that you be everything God has intended for you to be.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Jed Zachary’s 7th Birthday Celebration
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