How some kids greeted Moms last Mother’s Day

I happen to think that Mother’s Day is one of the more special events of the year. My sentiment is obvious. I delivered my son around the same time when I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day in 2005! It was pretty special. Suddenly, the day and a half of labor suddenly felt like nothing compared to the joy of motherhood.

The world over celebrated Mother’s Day last May 13, 2012. Locally, there was this special celebration done at McDonald’s Sumulong Highway Marikina, which is close to where we live, the kids made custom cards for their moms and Safeguard taught the children the importance of proper hand washing to stay healthy. Two other venues did the same program for Mother’s Day, namely, at the Little President’s Learning Palace in San Miguel, Manila and CCF Eastwood Sunday School in Quezon City.

Safeguard Hand Card Kits were given to the children. The kit had coloring materials and Safeguard. Also inside the kit were envelopes for the little ones to make custom cards their moms. After the kids had washed their hands with Safeguard, they wore the envelopes like mittens and presented the cards to their respective moms revealing their kids’ clean hands and the message: “The best card you can give her is a clean hand.”

I think what Safeguard did was special. With all the mutating bugs, viruses and bacteria around us just waiting to victimize clueless kids. This means a great deal to me, personally. Especially with my son catching this stomach bug that got him dehydrated and hospitalized last February, I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Dehydration is really bad.

Thankfully, my son has learned his lesson and is now more careful. He was so used to touching random things and biting his fingernails for the longest time. That hospitalization got him to stop nail biting for good. And yes, that is one expensive lesson for us. Our son now did not just quit nail biting altogether but has also learned the importance of keeping his hands clean. 🙂

How some kids greeted Moms last Mother’s Day

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