PLDT Telpad’s Tel-Me How

The first time I have heard of the PLDT Telpad, I made sure I called up to inquire about it. I just had to wait though, because I was not part of their priority list. A year later, I think, they have made the gadget available to subscribers bundling with it an automatic upgrade on the dsl speed.

It was not until I personally browsed through the PLDT Telpad’s TelMeHow event did I find out that there is this exclusive application that can actually be handy. It is more than just a simple app-grade, if you ask me. Since I have not found this kind of application available in the Android market.

I especially love the Cooking Category wherein there are more than just recipes that are shared. There are also very helpful videos and tips! There are also categories that I would love to explore but did not get the chance to during last week’s event. Like the Travel, Fashion and the Home Decorating categories. I honestly would love to check this Android toy for myself soon. šŸ˜‰ We are currently subscribed to the P1,299 bundle. A few hundreds and I will be able to avail for myself this Telpad upgrade. Sweet!

PLDT Telpad’s TelMeHow is also said to have an upcoming tie up with leading publications and websites likeĀ,, Bianca Valerio of B*Spoke, as well as TV5. With all these in the works, the upgrade will merit Telpad quite a bit of buzz and hopefully the performance will be at par as well. For those homes armed with the nifty PLDT Telpad, this very interestingĀ TelMeHow application can be downloaded via

PLDT Telpad’s Tel-Me How

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