I love Mondays!

Monday always means family day for us. Save for the times that there are things that Jeff needs to take care of. But when that happens, he makes up by moving our family day to another day of the week. 🙂

Some Mondays, my boys would do their soccer drills outside the house. Other times Jeff would take out his Alvarez guitar case and jam with his loves. We love music and we’re really thrilled that our son is into it as much. Right from when he was a baby, he’d soothe himself to sleep by doing this rhythmic sound and he hums a tune upon waking! That’s when we know he’s up. And now that he’s grown he sings a tune! He’s our singing alarm clock. Now he tells us he wants to rock for God!

Today we’re doing our family day differently by watching Lord of the Rings. Jeff and I last did a marathon on this favorite of ours in 2002 of its first two installments. Then in 2003 when the Return of the King was shown. It was so good that we finished the books as well. It just tickles me so for our son to get to know the middle earth people and how similar he is to the hobbits. Especially with all the second meals they both take! We’re still watching The Fellowship of the Ring. Wait till  we get to the part where the hobbits are stuck to having lembas all day long. Meanwhile, excuse me please as I squeeze myself in the couch with my boys. 🙂

I love Mondays!

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