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If there is anything I remember my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed while we were having our house built 5 years ago, it was the furniture and home furnishing shopping. Because there were too few choices that both complied to the ideal mix of durability, style and affordability, we ended up choosing for the most part, sub-standard furnishings. No wonder, repairs here and there have been up and about two years down the line.

The very first thing that got me listening to what Gus* Modern Furniture has to offer are these: design, functionality, durability and price. The marriage of all these combined was the very thing I wished we had back in 2007. But then again, while we are planning our home renovation project, Gus* Furniture is the one shop we sure will look into.

Interestingly, it was only through Gus* that I learned about the Fabric Wearability Code that furniture companies make use of. Most of them term it as number of rubs or abrasion. This is definitely something new to me that I made sure I took note of. If you are like me and would rather have a furniture that will last then the fabric strength is something that you should carefully look into. The double rub test is the back and forth motion that measures approximately the wear and tear that comes from sitting down. Just to give you an estimate, 3,000 double rubs equals one year’s worth of use. Yes, these are just a few of the interesting things in the world of furniture! 🙂

Stump Storage Box

Meanwhile, here are a few of the Gus* Modern Furniture pieces that I have my eye on. Because we have a tiny house to start with, double purpose items like this almost always catch my attention. The Stump Storage Box can serve as a lovley end table or even nightstand. The storage feature will add value to the house being tidy and stylish. Yes, the temptation to store clutter is always there. But I really would rather make use of the storage feature for important things I would rather not have laying around the house but don’t belong to the clutter category.

Upcycle Ottoman

Because my taste has always been non-conventional, this is something that appeals to me a lot. I love that each Upcycle Ottoman is different from the rest. As I understand it, there are no two Upcycle Ottoman that are alike. The uniqueness and playfulness of this piece appeals to me. Something I can throw in our future family room and easily find that it to be an accent on its own.

Timber Table in the midst of 2 GT Rocker

The Timber Table is a classy through and through. I love its sleek design. It was one of the few pieces that first caught my eye when I went in to check out the Gus* Design Pod Showroom. The GT Rocker has a powder-coated black steel base and architecturally-styled cushion inspired by airport lounge seating and 70’s retro car interiors. Notches better than the outdoor chaise lounges that I always had my eyes on. It’s the perfect lounge and rocking chair combination.

About Gus* Modern
The inception of GUS* was the result of a passion for elegant minimal furniture and the desire to bring these products to market. Each piece is designed and manufactured in-house and is selected for its timeless design, many inspired by the classic works of the past. Their furnishings have been chosen for their ability to work together, or as stand-alone, in residential, contract and hospitality environments.

James Lounge

This unique and versatile lounge has removable back cushions which allows James to transform into a single bed. You see the pattern here? My attraction really is towards the double purpose stuff.  I see this sitting in our future guest room. There are a whole bunch of furniture to go check out at the Gus* Design Pod.

Gus* Design Pod
G/F The Residences at Greenbelt Makati
Connecticut St. in Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. 621.8171

Gus*: Modern Furniture Made Simple

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