Homeschoolers Rediscover Global Art

Our first encounter with Global Art was a few years back in an event in Shangri-la, Mandaluyong. We have considered enrolling Jed in a class. But being barely four years old back then, Jed’s fine motor skills was not yet ready for the task. A couple of months back, I inquired in Global Art Serendra branch and was set to enrol our son this summer.

It was a week before I was set to confirm my son’s trial class schedule at Global Art Serendra, when fellow mommy blogger, Rowena of emailed me about an upcoming Global Art event.  I couldn’t be more thrilled. Talk about timing!

My son is beyond excited! As soon as I asked him if he wanted to enroll in a Global Art class, he has been talking about it since.  As a work from home mom, in as much as I want him to be involved with all the things he is interested in, my schedule cannot accommodate each and every one.  I was thinking for summer, we’ll have him enrolled in Global Art and Swimming Classes instead and take a couple of months break from doing Karate.

We arrived a wee bit early at Global Art Main Headquarters in Greenhills, San Juan on the event day.  I normally would not commit to an event when it’s my no drive day. But because this is something that our family is going to get involved in very soon, we dragged each other (my son and I) to Greenhills before the 3PM window. Nevermind if we had to stay put until 7PM, when we are already allowed to hit the road.  Because we were early, I was able to check out the fancy artworks on the exhibit wall.  I was there gushing, for the most part, especially when I saw the tags below each art work of children ages 5-8! Their works of art are something I’m not sure, at 35,  I am able to be half as good at.

Honestly, I need no more convincing. Don’t just take my word for it, you have to go visit a Global Art branch nearby to see for yourselves.  The art technique of Global Art is unique in itself. While a few “art schools” try to mimic their curriculum, Global Art sticks to a high quality standard that continues to upgrade itself on a regular basis.

Featured on the Most Creative Wall are artworks for the months of January and February 2012. The one on the right is an artwork of a 6 year old boy! How cool is that?

Featured on the Most Improved wall are the before and after artworks of a little girl. Check out the details of her “after” artwork. Unlike the one on the “before” artwork on the left, the one on the right is a tad livelier. It is easy to see that the shading, blending are done in a more careful manner. Lesser white spots and definitely improved! 🙂

When most of the kids of mommy bloggers were in, they were ushered in a room where they were taught a few basics of coloring, drawing and clay molding, according to their age group.

Jed working it at Global Art Greenhills. 😀

Together with four other mommy bloggers, we were in the adjacent room briefed by Teacher Yenny Saw about the history and subject offerings of Global Art. Global Art was founded and established  in 1999 by Mr. Mahair Goh. Global Art has over 200,000 students worldwide in 18 countries.




Teacher Yenny also explained Global Art’s Basic Checklist to the mommies. From what I understand, this is the basis of Global Art’s Grading System.
  1. Different sizes
  2. Different directions
  3. Different objects and shapes
  4. Cropping
  5. Layering
  6. Overlapping
At least a couple of children’s artworks were showcased and explained how Global Art teachers graded them according to how they complied with the checklist.




Both showcased works of art were done by 8 year old students of Global Art Greenhills.
Global Art also offers Sketching and Painting Classes for advanced learners.
Shortly after,  the artworks of our little kiddos were available for us to examine in detail.  To be honest, I was not exactly expecting a lot. For one, Jed has  kind of taken after me, even in coloring. From how I see him do his artwork at home, he kind of fancies finishing his project right away. Yes, I’m sorta like that too. 🙂




You can just imagine my surprise when Jed excitedly showed this to me. I actually had to look at it twice, thrice even. And that’s just a few minutes of learning time with Global Art!  And it’s not all mommy thing, I tell you. This little guy is looking forward to getting enrolled very soon!




Jed posing with his work of art. 🙂
As a homeschooling family, classes like what Global Art offers are the supplementary learnings we are blessed to have access to and incorporate in our very flexible homeschooling schedule. This is also perfect for children who are inclined towards the arts or even parents who would like to tap the love for arts in their children.
Global Art is currently offering its summer program from March to June 2012.  Their summer program course consists of 8 sessions, with 90 minutes per session. The course package inclues a workbook, oil pastel, pencil and bag. Aside from this Global Art also offers year-round courses like the following:
Core Program:
  1. Foundation Level for children ages 4 to 6 – Working with simple themes with dotted lines. Designed to build a child’s dexterity and teach the concept of colors and shades.
  2. Basic Level for children ages 7 to 9 – Introduction to creative drawing, using themes from fruits and animals to lead them to create their own illustrations while learning various techniques.
  3. Intermediate level for ages 10 to 12 – Further developing creative drawing. Students learn even more techniques by handling more difficult, human figure-based themes.

Advanced Level:  (for ages 13 years old and above)

  1.  Sketching – Enhancevisualization skills through the creative composition of sketches and drawing to the quality of lines and tonal values.
  2. Painting – Using liquid medium such as Poster Color and Water color. Elevate your sense of colors by incorporating the warm and cool colors to reach a balance color composition and harmony.
  3. Illustration – Put your visualization, drawing and design ability to use by creating expressive illustration.
Additional/New Programs:
  1. Cartoon and Comic (Ages 7 and above) 
  2. G-Clay – Explore the colorful world of 3 dimensional subjects.
  3. Acrylic Painting – On canvass. Explore and learn the very versatile method of painting with a variety of brush strokes


I love how the honing of drawing and coloring skills can help our homeschooler as it is a useful method of learning discipline, creativity and resourcefulness. All of which are essential in the academic and practical areas of a child’s life.  Currently, there are nine (9) branches of Global Art here in the Philippines.
Global Art Philippines
Contact Nos. 726.0435 | 0915.8747747
Homeschoolers Rediscover Global Art
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