“I Just Can’t Take It Anymore” Book Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the drawn winner of Marriage and Beyond’s Book Giveaway, “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore” book by bestselling author Anthony DeStefano.

I always knew that we have come to an era that people don’t read a lot. Be it eBooks or physical ones.  Judging from our current contest joiners, it’s easy to see that people are not much into reading these days anymore. While our previous joiners where we giveaway stuff other than books, would range from 80 to 300. As much as I love reading eBooks, there is still something about physical books. Anyhoo, whether eBook or a hard copy, here is hoping that we all revive the love for reading. Our family love books.

Congratulations to Ma. Victoria Parungao!

Kindly email us via jenaspacio@facebook.com your details: shipping address, mobile number and a scanned ID. We will send Anthony DeStefano’s newly launched book, “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore,” the soonest! 🙂

“I Just Can’t Take It Anymore” Book Giveaway Winner

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