Where to hold a kid’s 7th birthday

It was last night when I officially found myself semi-frazzled towards our son’s upcoming 7th birthday. We have been meaning to check out some places. Since we are giving our son the freedom to choose what he wants for his birthday, we have stalled. He kept on shifting from wanting to go back to Disney or Boracay for his birthday to having a party and back again. It was only today that he has decided that it is a party that he definitely wants. Finally! It’s just that, we only have two months until his birthday.

We have a couple of places we are currently looking at for our son’s 7th birthday party. But given the limited time we now have for getting that reserved, we have to check out other places if both happen to not be available on our date. As someone who used to coordinate weddings, I realized that a kid’s party has a different set of dynamics that I’m not very familiar with. I’m sure it can be done. I really just have to get the date for the place secured.

Since it is summer, we are also thinking of a swimming party. But we also have to consider the weather’s unpredictability these days. We’re in the era when it rains during summer and heat scorches during rainy season. And yes, we also considered not holding a party altogether. But thought otherwise when we realized, we really did not throw him parties his previous birthdays. Save for that traditional get together at this food chain when he turned one year old. Babies don’t really enjoy their first birthday parties. So that hardly counts. And figured, he’s not going to be thrown another party anyway probably until he graduates. It will be nice for him to invite his friends to his very own party that he can enjoy for sure. Do throw us a comment or two if you have a party place for a kid’s party or know one you can recommend. 🙂

Where to hold a kid’s 7th birthday

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