Book Giveaway: I Just Can’t Take It Anymore! by Anthony DeStefano

Thanks to the best selling author Anthony DeStefano for throwing in an extra copy of  I Just Can’t Take It Anymore.” Because of his generosity one of the followers of Marriage and Beyond will be getting hold of this book by March.

By pairing a thoughtful story line with amusing full-color photographs of children, Anthony DeStefano succeeds in delivering a lighthearted look at the age-old question, “why me?” on his most recent book, I Just Can’t Take It Anymore. Through photos, especially chosen to bring out a smile, and carefully crafted sentiment, Anthony shares his delightful sense of humor, lifts the reader’s spirit, and plants a firm message of hope and encouragement.

Contest Mechanics: 

1. You have to be a “liker” of Marriage and Beyond on Facebook.
2. Share this contest on your Facebook wall. To share, click on the Share button located at the bottom of this post. Then post on your Facebook Status: “Marriage and Beyond is giving away bestselling author Anthony DeStefano’s recently launched book, “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore.” Join now!” (To tag, type the “@” symbol then follow by “Marriage and Beyond,” then type in the rest of the required phrase )
3. When you’re done with the Facebook status wall update, go to the comments section of this post and paste the link of your Facebook entry with your name and email address. (To get the link, hover to the time of your shared post (e.g. 4 minutes ago) and copy link address. Paste this to your comment to make your entry count.)
4. Contest is open to everyone who has a local address. Free Shipping.
5. One entry per person.
*As with our previous giveaways, we will be requiring the drawn winner to send us a scanned ID for verification.
6. Deadline for entries is on February 29, 2012.

Winner of Anthony DeStefano’s “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore” will be raffled off by

Book Giveaway: I Just Can’t Take It Anymore! by Anthony DeStefano

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