My Kid’s Health iPad App

More than a week ago, the lovely people of Pomelo Limited inboxed me a promo code for My Kid’s Health iPad App for me to have a look see and review. I was pretty excited to have this downloaded especially since we lost my son’s baby books (yes, I have more than 1)  to Ondoy. Imagine my dismay when I can hardly pull the pages apart of one of the books. I was able to salvage the other one. Sadly, the page where his vaccination record is, was no longer readable.

I can only hope that My Kid’s Health iPad App was available a few years earlier. Since there is not really much that we can do for now and because I still have not gone back to bother my son’s birth pediatrician (we have gone awol on her when we transferred residences), we will probably make do of this.  But since I got hold of this app, I kind of gotten the drive to call our former pedia’s office and was told that I can get hold of my son’s vaccination schedule anytime.  Happy that I can finally get my son’s record updated! And because I can have this synced via iTunes, I don’t have to worry that I’ll lose it all over again to water damage or even “memory gap,”  if you know what I mean. 😉

Screenshot after entering my son’s General Information.

Truth be told, I, for the longest time, have been searching on iPhone and iPad an application of this kind. With our losing a lot of photos and documents to the Ondoy flooding, anyone will understand why we really would rather have our records digitally saved than otherwise.  Now,  it really is just a bonus that the people behind this application came to tap me to review this for our free copy. But I would still have paid for it nonetheless if I found out about it sooner.  It totally takes a lot of trouble off of a mother’s mind.

Above is an example of an appointment we have scheduled for our son’s prophylaxis treatment I entered as soon as I got the app downloaded. It is marked as “not completed” because he was hospitalized for intestinal flu and was not discharged until afternoon of February 14, 2012.

My Kid’s Health iPad App Features:

  • All the basics: date of birth, blood type, allergies, social security/national health number, as well as the child’s photo
  • Growth records: height, weight, head circumference, plotted beautifully on a graph
  • Personalised vaccination schedule: keeps records of previous vaccinations, and reminders for upcoming injections. Vaccination data is calculated using the child’s date of birth, with data provided by the World Health Organization and national authorities
  • Upcoming Doctor appointments: also keeps a history of visits, with details of diagnosis and treatment
  • Upcoming Dentist appointments: with a history of visits
  • Childhood illnesses: keep track of which common childhood illnesses, such as Chickenpox (varicella), the child has had
  • Accident and Illness history: coughs, scrapes, fevers, and accidents — all can be recorded for a full history of the child’s health
  • View upcoming appointments and vaccinations for all the children on one easy screen
  • Appointments and schedules are synced with the iPad calendar with notifications and reminders
  • Ideal for newborns to teens
  • My Kid’s Health is perfect for a single child, or a large family!
  • Full and unrestricted, no need to pay for upgrades or in-app purchases

A lot of parents will be so thrilled that they will now be able to to record and manage their child’s health via My Kid’s Health App available on the App Store. No more bothering with paper files. It also has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy for parents to record their child’s progress and keep medical information up-to-date.

My Kid’s Health will take you back $8.99. A measly price to pay to get your child’s health record sorted out. If there is anything I wish about My Kid’s Health App for iPad is that in time, it will also be made available on iPhone. 🙂

My Kid’s Health iPad App

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