The Peak Tram ride to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hongkong

Our second to the final post on our Hongkong vacation last December is our Peak Tram ride to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The museum is located at one of the famous Asian tourist attractions, The Peak. The ride to The Peak alone was an adventure in itself.

our view from inside as the tram ascended the mountain

Before we went aboard The Peak Tram, we had to take the Star Ferry near Salisbury and Nathan Road from Kowloon to get to Madame Tussauds Hongkong. The ferry ride was the cheapest we took while we were in Hongkong.  At HK$2 each and HK$1 child rate.

From the dock, we walked a block towards the bus station. The double-decker bus will be hard to miss. We took the bus to the Garden Road Peak Tram Terminus.

Bus Route No.15C

We had to wait awhile when we got to the bus stop. It was also hard to communicate with the driver since he did not speak English. He was pointing for us to go to another station. Good thing we stayed a bit and waited. Otherwise we would have missed our bus.

We paid HK$15 for the three of us. We did not have the exact amount and change was not provided.  The fare was HK$4.20 each and cheaper still for kids.

The Peak Tram Return + Sky Terrace Tickets = HK$65 adult and HK$31 child

For starters, The Peak Tram is actually a cable-hauled two-rail funicular railway. The ride alone was an experience in itself. The little guy was so thrilled during the 8 minute ride ascending the mountain. Nevermind if the crowd was overwhelming when we came. It also helped that it was Winter weather in Hongkong during our visit.

While waiting for our turn to ride The Peak Tram, we had a peek of  The Peak Tram’s Historical Gallery, which was like a time tunnel with more than 200 memorabilia. Taking use back to Hong Kong in the 19th and 21st century. The first day of commercial operation on May 30th, 1888, attracted 600 passengers. The tram has been in operation for over one hundred years. And to date, no accidents have ever occurred. That’s a major relief for me even as the tram ascended in an angle that ceased to be comfortable.

The wait for the Peak Tram ride was maximized while we were in line as my homeschooler and I went through the exhibit that looks like straight from an industrial supply company. Complete with history and all the trivia that came with it. Another of which is that the funicular system has two trams that are currently in operation. These trams balance each other, as the other travels up, the other tram moves down. Our little guy who wanted to be a train engineer once upon a time. Three years ago to be exact, when he was very much into Thomas and His Friends complete with British accent. Haha!  Since we were not able to roam around much at the Victoria Peak (it was too cold when we were at the Sky Terrace), we are hoping to take the Peak Tram ride again the next time we go to Hongkong.

The Peak Tram ride to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Hongkong

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