Marriage and Beyond’s FB Likers $20 Giveaway

As promised, Marriage and Beyond is giving away $20 when we have reached the 1,000 mark on our Marriage and Beyond Facebook Page.  We are thrilled to announce that we now have 1,008 likers as of this writing. This $20 giveaway cannot be more timely for our very own Thanksgiving celebration.

We were hoping to have all likers fill out the Marriage and Beyond’s Likers Form, just so we can have a database of all our likers on Facebook.  Sadly, only 54 have filled out the form. We used to do the electronic raffle and we came up with the number 47. If chances are the result was a number higher than 54, then will will count away from our FB Likers that we can see from our Page on Facebook. The screencap of which is the one below. The list scrolls down to give or take 500++ names.

Congratulations, Leizle Demaisip! We’re transferring the $20 on your PayPal account in 3, 2….

Marriage and Beyond’s FB Likers $20 Giveaway

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