’s 4th Anniversary Giveaway

Marriage and Beyond is celebrating its 4th anniversary before the month ends and we’re raffling off prizes to 4 winners! It was in 2004 when I started blogging via Multiply. But it was not until Nov 2007 when Marriage and Beyond was born. Thanks to our blogging mentor, for ushering us to the world of monetizing websites and internet marketing. Now, we not only get to document our family’s milestones, share our advocacy and faith. This has also become a channel that God uses to provide for our family.

Happy 4th Anniversary,!!!

Before we head on over to jotting down the contest mechanics for’s 4th Anniversary Celebration Contest, here are the prizes that 4 of our readers will receive by mid December. Since Marriage and Beyond’s anniversary and our wedding anniversary are less than a couple of weeks away from each other, we’re holding this contest until our 10th wedding anniversary, December 8, 2011.

1st Prize:

1. The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman

My husband and I love this book that we bought another one to share to one of our readers. We use this when we have our devotional time together. That is, if we are not buried in other good books that we also read together and use as our devotional guide instead. The insights in this devotional are priceless! Here’s a peek…

2. A Mom After God’s Own Heart, 10 Ways to Love Your Children by Elizabeth George

I picked out this book because of its easy to implement principles that make parenting both enjoyable and effective. There is also “Heart Response” sections that are designed to help us apply the principles to our life. A very practical and straightforward book on parenting.

3. The New Testament Picture Bible (The Timeless Stories of The New Testament in Full Color)

This New Testament Picture Bible is an all time bestseller! The action images in comic book-style art make the Bible fun and easy to read for young readers. Your children will enjoy hours of reading fun while they grow spiritually by learning about Jesus, his disciples and what it means to follow Jesus.

4. Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends’ Buzby, The Misbehaving Bee DVD

I was so thrilled to finally see this available locally that I bought one to include in this anniversary giveaway.  My son got the same DVD for his pasalubong from my Mom when she came home from America a couple of years back. Children will not just enjoy the video but also learn about value of following the rules and how a simple act of kindness changed Buzby’s heart and teach him that God’s rules are made to keep everyone safe.

5. 101 Ways to Spoil Your Wife by Ron Brown & 101 Ways to Spoil Your Husband by Tena Brown

Even after ten years of being married, we still, to this day, love to pamper each other. Jeff and I hope to share to our dear readers through these books things that we can do to make your spouse feel special. Easy to read books that we can apply right away.

A Peek of 101 Ways to Spoil Your Husband

A Peek of 101 Ways to Spoil Your Wife

6.  A Spanking Rod

We understand that spanking is a very controversial issue in parenting. We’re not taking that road of debating with fellow parents. Our resolve is in this, it won’t be in the Bible if there is no wisdom in it. Truth be told, a person who does not have a “relationship” with a child has NO RIGHT to spank.  Even parents should be given Guidelines on How to Spank.

2nd Prize:

A Whole Line of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Gift Pack worth P2,200+

Thanks to my beauty blog,, we can afford to give awesome prizes like this. Here’s my write up about the Neutrogena Fine Fairness range. Taking care of our family is no reason to settle to looking drab and flat.

3rd Prize:

$50 to the winner’s

We will be sending $50 to the winner’s PayPal ID.

4th Prize:

Sennheiser MX 400 Powerful Bass-Driven Stereo Sound Earphones

High performance dynamic speaker systems for powerful, bass-driven stereo sound optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone and portable media devices.

Contest Mechanics:

1. Be a “Liker” of Marriage and Beyond on Facebook.
2. Write about the giveaway in your blog. Blog must be at least 3 months old. The post NEED NOT be lengthy. Just make sure the three (3) links below are included.
3. Include following links in your post to the url of Marriage and Beyond and our 2 other sponsors, Life as Experienced Daily and Church in Makati with their corresponding url.
4. Share this contest on your Facebook wall. To share, click on the Share button located at the bottom of this post. On Facebook’s status update box, tag Marriage and Beyond. Then post: “Marriage and Beyond is celebrating its 4th anniversary with fab giveaways to 4 winners. Including: books, dvd, $50, beauty package and Sennheiser earphones! Join now!” (To tag, type the “@” symbol then follow it with “Marriage and Beyond”, wait for the menu box to appear and select “Marriage and Beyond,”  then type in the rest of the required phrase).
5. When you’re done sharing on your Facebook wall, go to the comments section of this post and enter the following:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Link of your blog post
  • Link of your Facebook entry with your name and email address.

4. Contest is open to everyone who has a local (Philippine) address. Free Shipping.
5. One entry per person. Only those who follow the mechanics will be included in the raffle.
6. Contest ends on our 10th wedding anniversary December 8, 2011 at 11:59 PM.

As with our previous giveaways, we will be requiring the drawn winners to send us a scanned ID for verification. Let us do this to be fair with the rest of the contest joiners. The 4 Winners of’s 4th Anniversary Celebration will be raffled via the week after contest ends.’s 4th Anniversary Giveaway

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