First time to hear about The Yellow Propaganda

This is the first time I have heard about this Yellow Propaganda. Sure, for years and years issues about Hacienda Luisita props up from time to time. We barely watch the news – it is overall depressing. There are some questions in my mind, sure. But since the politics is probably the dirtiest thing in the world, my thoughts was to leave them be and just prayerfully hope for the best for our country.

But when I watched this “Aquino Conjuangco: Facts They Don’t Want You to Know (Yellow Propaganda)” over YouTube today, I can’t help but feel disheartened. Totally makes sense, sure. But I have no idea how accurate these facts are. Clearly, something I can no longer be silent about.

Scary and sad. What greed! —> These are my first thoughts as I was watching the video. But there is one statement that my heart refuses to agree with – Ninoy dying because of his ambition to become the president. But then again, my mind might just have been “set” from what could easily be a result of brainwashing via the media. I really don’t know. Yes, I am confused. If it goes back to so many generations before the current living Cojuangcos, can the evil legacy be so potent to this day?

It’s just sad what’s to happen to our country if there is truth to this sick legacy and if this further presses on. All the more reason we should storm the gates of heaven and pray for the leaders of this country, for the sake of our children. Can anyone share your two cents and maybe enlighten us about this Yellow Propaganda?

First time to hear about The Yellow Propaganda

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