My Nuffnang Story

When I thought about retracing how My Nuffnang Story started, I’d easily see myself transported back to my early years of “working from home” through blogging. After installing the codes across all my blogs, I basically just left them there. It was not long when I received an offer I could not resist. I was tasked to do a couple of advertorials with rates that only my international clients could afford to pay back then. From then on, I was pretty convinced that Nuffnang is one legit entity. I have had seven decent payouts to date. Yay! 🙂

While the income that I receive from Nuffnang is something – it does not wholly comprise My Nuffnang Story. In fact, the income part really is NOTHING compared to how Nuffnang was instrumental to impacting my personal life.

Trixie of Nuffnang contacted me in August to write for Philstar Unblogged. I deliberated with myself quite a bit. With already too many shoes I need to fill in, I had my doubts but went right along anyway. With regular blogging, we bloggers basically get away with just about anything – typos that we easily overlook, for the most part. With a mom for a grammar nazi and certified OC at that, there was no other person more qualified to proofread for me. For reference, I have archived articles contributed to Philstar Unblogged by Marriage and Beyond.

At the bottom of one of Mama’s proofreading feedback she sent over email reads…

That was the note I almost missed.  Mama was proofreading my “Life in a Fishbowl” article. It was her response to my sentiments about my growing up feeling rejected. This is what vulnerability does to you when you blog. 🙂

I teared up a little lot. It is almost embarrassing to admit how a person can feel validated by one simple apology and affirmation. The reason is simple – it goes back to time immemorial. Backed by too many misunderstandings and personality differences, hurt and more hurts that piled up through the years. Plus all the dynamics common to a dysfunctional family. Which also brings about our resolve to be intentional in our parenting as we choose on a daily basis to be the family God has designed for us to be.

Nuffnang was instrumental to filling up that particular hole in my heart. It may not mean a lot to the majority who will come across this post. But it means the world to me. Parental affirmation that I was longing the whole time I was growing up, I was finally able to get a hold of now that I’m 35. Nothing is ever too late.

Yes, sounds melodramatic much. But there is no way I am to water down something so real to me. I bet my mom will be surprised even as she reads this. If it wasn’t for that writing gig I had to do for Philstar through Nuffnang that I had my mom proofread my articles for me, a part of me will probably still be wallowing at that tiny corner of my heart about being the least favorite daughter, living to die knowing that I was never good enough for my mom. That simple note made a world of difference in my life and I have Nuffnang to thank for. You were an avenue of my healing. Whether I win an invite to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 for this entry or not, I have always believed that it is right to give credit to whom it is due and my pondering along what My Nuffnang Story is brought me to this state of gratefulness. Thank you, Nuffnang! 🙂

My Nuffnang Story

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