i-Shine at Acting by Promil Pre-School, Trumpets Playshop and Phil. Assoc. for the Gifted

Before our son turned two years old, Jeff was already set on having him enroll in Trumpets. I think they still had classes at Shangri-la Mall that time. Our leaning was always towards Trumpets as opposed to the more popular pop school because my husband wanted our son to learn about music and sing the correct way. Since it was already a given that our son is musically inclined from before he could utter a straight word, it was best that his inclinations be nurtured the correct way right from the start. I remember showing my husband a free workshop offered by a pop school and all I got was a frown. Teehee!

At 2 years old Jed can play the drums along his favorite Kids Praise songs and w/correct timing, at that.

As for Trumpets, we were not able to go beyond telephone inquiry and we decided to avail of the services of the very talented Teacher Pau of UST Conservatory of Music instead. It was very convenient that Teacher Pau does music lessons right at our home. But when my husband and I got an invite from Promil for its i-Shine at Acting Trumpets Playshop event, we just had to check it out. Another convenience of homeschooling is that we can call off our classes and go take advantage of things like this. The workshop was held at the STI Center of Arts in The Fort, Taguig.

Promil Pre-School and Trumpets Playshop and the Philippine Association for the Gifted, offered some tips for parents to help them hone their child’s potential at home. Cecile Tamura, Vice President for Parents of the Philippine Association of the Gifted, said that the pre-school age is the stage of development where kids begin to apply what they have learned in their earlier years, with emotional development beginning to partner with their cognitive development.

Trumpets conducted an intimate workshop for the kids who were present

“The child is becoming more and more curious. The character of the child and his interests will begin to emerge at this age. He inquires a lot and he starts developing passion for some things,” described Tamura. Irene Delarmente, Trumpets Playshop instructor, also finds the pre-school age a good time as she feels that this is the stage that children are at their most curious and imaginative.

“I personally think that if you plant the ‘creative seed’ in them this early and continually nurture their interest, enthusiasm and passion as they grow up… chances are that they end up as artistic individuals,” continued Delarmente. “Children are basically ‘sponges’ and if you give them the proper guidance and encouragement, any lesson that you introduce to them at this age will potentially become habit-forming.”

Representatives of Promil, Trumpets Playshop and Phil. Assoc. for the Gifted

She also said that introducing the art of performing to pre-school kids is beneficial in a big way because they will mainly learn about the values of being more confident, self-accepting and sociable. This will actually work for the long haul. Whether he actually becomes the scientist or robot maker he said he wants to be. As he also mentioned wanting to have a resort of his own someday.

As homeschoolers, I also find this the perfect “supplementary class” for my son. Although he does not exactly have a socialization issue. But this will help him nurture the said important values. We saw how he thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and told us that he can’t wait to enroll in Trumpets. We were told that another batch will start classes this November and we are hoping to hear from them soon.

Thanks to Promil Preschool for hosting an event that more than just have our kids enjoy such workshop but more importantly, remind us, parents, about our pivotal role in the development of our children’s talents.

i-Shine at Acting by Promil Pre-School, Trumpets Playshop and Phil. Assoc. for the Gifted

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