City Kart Racing with the Hubby

When it comes to personalities, my husband and I are opposites. The first years of our marriage are testaments (bickerings, mostly) of living with someone who we are poles apart with. We knew that we complemented each other, sure. But there are just times when the crazies (selfishness) get the best of us. Real life stories are made of that as well.

One of our many differences is that he is sporty by nature. While I’m a bit too comfy on being sedentary. But even if there was no way the husband can have me trek with him, we found a few things that we enjoy doing together.

We learned to enjoy playing badminton before we got pregnant. Then that was it. We recently played again but we can’t seem to get back to the grind of playing on a regular basis. Who would have thought that after almost 10 years of marriage, we will still find something new that we enjoy doing together! Kart Racing! It is probably the funnest thing I have done in a very long while. I was so thrilled that I found myself shrieking my lungs out in the middle of the track as I floored that gas pedal! Adrenalin rush at its finest!

Thanks to Mauie Flores for the shots. 🙂

As for the hubby, there was not a doubt in my mind that he was going to excel in this race. A cousin of mine describes perfectly what he does on the streets – no holds barred arcade driving.  By nature, he is a very patient person but drives like a mad man on the streets.  He will mellow for a while when I remind him. But gets back to his old self after a while.  We agreed that this kart racing will have him release his need for speed so he can tone way down when he gets to the streets. Fine by me.

We almost regretted going through the rough Saturday traffic last Oct. 15 to attend the Bloggers Blaze Fun Cup held at City Kart Racing located in Parksquare 1 in Makati. Turned out the race was the best way to express our frustration over the horrendous c5 traffic. It was exhilarating through and through!   Jeff went kart racing again thrice that week, while I had to nurse my sore limbs and biceps. Yes, I suddenly developed biceps, would you believe! We’re going kart racing again very soon with our son in tow. He’s past the 4 feet mark, he will try to do a track or two. Even if he’s past 4 feet, we’re still not sure if his motor skills will allow him to race already. He loves cars and racing way before he can barely utter an intelligible word. Now that he’s practically the radio of the neighborhood, he will play Need for Speed Shift the whole day everyday if we let him. We don’t. Just so we’re clear. Haha! Leave him with a gadget for more than an hour and he gets zombified like crazy.

City Kart Racing was introduced in the Philippines in 2006 by Jean-Marc Freihuber (pictured above with the rest of the bloggers), former French professional racer with 15 years of experience with kart track management in Europe and 4 years in the Philippines. They use state of the art racing machines. These alone tell us that we can kart race with confidence. Plus the awesome technology that tracks racers’ stats down to the last nano second  is the coolest I have seen to date. And did I mention that they have this Facebook App that posts your stats on your wall every time you finish a Heat? You also get a copy of  your race stats over email.

My husband published a more detailed post about the Bloggers Blaze Fun Cup. I wouldn’t dream of beating the hubby in this sport. It’s just not gonna happen. I’m good with that. It’s just fun to know though that I did the best time amongst all the girls that day. My best lap time being 1:0.315. My next goal will be to race under a minute. 🙂

I recorded a short clip of the hubby on the track. Real speed is probably ten times more than it seems from this recorded video. Sorry for the shaky capture.  We’re excited to go back. The hubby is already looking into getting hold of shoei helmets for us. He brought some of the young men from church to City Kart Racing last week and they all loved it. We’re bringing a couple more friends on our next visit.

City Kart Racing Makati
7th Level car park, Park Square 1,
Ayala Center, Makati City


Open everyday except for Christmas and Good Friday

Monday to Thursday: 3pm to 10pm
Friday to Saturday: 10am to 12mn
Sunday and Holidays: 10am to 10pm

For more information visit
Contact Nos. +(632) 856-9155 or +(63917) 585-9155

City Kart Racing with the Hubby

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