Monday Family Day

As opposed to most families, we actually spend our family days on Mondays. It’s something we’ve gotten accustomed to and don’t mind at all. Sundays are normally hectic (but blessed) days for us. The hubby preaches three times every Sunday and there really is no time to squeeze quality time in together, save for a very quick lunch. Yesterday, we just did a drive-thru since we spent quite a bit longer at church because I had talk with a few people (something I’ll never get tired of too). In spite of not being together much on Sundays, it is a joy to know that our little man still looks forward to it. He’d most of the time would go, “I love Sundays because we get to praise and worship God at the church.” Humbles my heart as it affirms that he’s getting quite a grasp of how it is to be in the ministry. πŸ™‚

An interesting convo we had on our way to church last Sunday was when out of the blue Jed blurted out (like he does most of the time), “Papa, can I use your church when you’re dead?” The question came as a shock to me, that I almost reprimanded him. But I held my horses and asked the little guy what he meant. He said, “I was just hoping I can preach at your church when you’re gone.” It sure sounded a lot like this boy is more ready for his father to go than I will ever be. But then, what’s more interesting is, he wanted to be just like his father. πŸ™‚

All right, he’s told us all the things he would want to be when he grows up. Aside from being a scientist and a robot maker, he also wants to be a pastor. We had to tell him out right that he can actually preach even if Papa is still around, for as long as he is ready. He then, gave us a sigh of relief and babbled away about his many plans of sharing Jesus to the world.

Meanwhile, this little man is ever so busy playing here at Active Fun. I love that there’s free WiFi here so I can blog away as I wait for both boys to get done with their respective businesses. Jeff is also getting the side mirror of the car installed. The part just arrived from China recently. We are now in dire need of getting hold of a side mirror protector. I really don’t know what’s up with those side mirror thieves.

It’s nice that parents have a place like this to “deposit” their children in with confidence that they will be safe. I can actually go around while he plays here. But I really would rather blog and read the eBook sent by Thomas Nelson for review.

I have a very strong feeling that Jed is going to resist when we need to leave this place. This is absolutely his favorite play place in the world. Nevermind if it’s a little too far from where we live. This is actually where he wants to spend his 7th birthday at. Now we’ll have to factor in the convenience of the other kids who will need to travel to his party.

Meanwhile, off to the rest of our Monday family day as we wait for Jeff whose on his way from the casa. πŸ™‚
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Monday Family Day

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