Marriage and Beyond at Blogapalooza (and more Giveaways)

It is not unbeknownst to our dear readers that we, from time to time attend blogger events, launches and the like. While we know that there are some people who are absolutely appalled at the idea of brands taking advantage of the online media (and vice versa), we figured that it really is just a matter of filtering through the invites.  For one, there are a handful of innovative brands and services that we came to know via this avenue.

So when I learned about Blogapalooza holding its very first event last month, well, let’s just say, I was curious to check it out. Aside from being able to catch up with blogger friends, I also got to hear from brands (most of which we already patronize) and got acquainted with an interesting few that we only heard about at the event.  It was all in all a very good avenue that WhenInManila came up with that allowed for brands to be introduced to the online community. And what savvy and catchy name, at that. 🙂, and

Did I mention that I also scored a huge Carlton luggage at the event when I helped solve a fellow blogger’s dilemma of having to commute the enormous hard case luggage home? At a price that she could have refused but chose not to.  Thanks again, Nicely! It will be perfect for my next getaway with my boys. Thanks to Tripologie too! They have branches in Eastwood and Alabang. It was my first to hear about Tripologie. We only go to one travel bag shop before. Now, there’s another travel stuff store we can check out that also carries the quality brands we love – Tripologie! 🙂

And here is when I launch another blog contest. I’m raffling off 5 of the Gift Certificates I received during the Blogapalooza event and 1 Phiten Rakuwa Bracelet.

5 Gift Certificates:

1. Galileo Free 2 Week Scholarship –> Here’s an article I wrote about Galileo Enrichment Learning Program.

2. Sparkle Gift Certificate –> Check out their website

3. Jap-Ok! Resto and KTV GC –> complimentary use of KTV room for two hours with complimentary Golden Chicken Shots. (good for 4 persons).

4. CreatiVoices Productions GC –> 1 Hour recording time worth P3,500

5. 360º Fitness Club Free 7 Day Pass GC –>

Phiten Rakuwa Aqua Tita Bracelet in Maroon

Here are articles I wrote in the past on what I have to say about Phiten Rakuwa bracelets:

–> Road Testing Phiten’s Rakuwa Bracelet
–> Lovin’ Phiten’s Rakuwa Bracelet
–> Phiten Product Relaunch

You know, the drill. Here are the Contest Mechanics:

1. You have to be a “liker” of Marriage and Beyond on Facebook.

2. Share this contest on your Facebook wall. To share, click on the Share button located at the bottom of this post. Then post on your Facebook Status: “Marriage and Beyond is giving away GCs from Galileo, Sparkle Spa, Jap-Ok! Resto ktv, CreatiVoices and 360º Fitness Center and a Phiten bracelet. Join now!” (To tag, type the “@” symbol then follow it with “Marriage and Beyond.” Then type in the rest of the required phrase )

3. When you’re done with the Facebook status wall update, go to the comments section of this post and paste the link of your Facebook entry with your name and email address. (To get the link, hover to the time of your shared post (e.g. 4 minutes ago) and copy link address. Paste this to your comment to make your entry count.)

4. Contest is open to everyone who has a local address. Free Shipping.

5. One entry per person.

*To be fair with other contest joiners, I will be requiring the drawn winner to send me a scanned ID for verification. There were a few entries in my previous giveaways that were suspicious.

6. Deadline for entries is on October 24, 2011. The winner of the GCs from Galileo, Sparkle Spa, Jap-Ok! Resto ktv, CreatiVoices and 360º Fitness Center and a Phiten bracelet will be raffled via

I cannot help but notice that there are a whole bunch of people who are joining my beauty giveaway than those that I give away on Marriage and Beyond. We’re actually thinking of giving away a PS3 and an Xbox game next, gears of war 3 ashes to ashes. These giveaways are running until Christmas season. Contest joiners, please make sure to follow the easy instructions. 🙂


Congratulations, Jeniffer Gangan!

Please email me via jenaspacio (at) gmail (dot) com your Full Name, Shipping Address with Zip Code, Mobile Number and Scanned ID so I can send your GCs and Phiten bracelet the soonest! 🙂

Marriage and Beyond at Blogapalooza (and more Giveaways)

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