Raising our Homeschooler

My son is growing up so fast that sometimes, I think he thinks and acts like a grown up man. Time really flies so fast, so they say. Even so, I can still remember when he was still a baby. Wherever we go, we always bring Baby Jed with us. Those times were not hard for my husband, Jeff and me, because we always have with us a baby travel gear, like the baby stroller gear that used to carry him. Stroller was very helpful during those times since  Jed is very active and we’re afraid that he won’t enjoy our trips when he’s not free to move if we just carry him with our bare hands or with just a simple baby carrier.

Now that he’s already six years old, I am still proud to say that I’m a hands-on mother; I personally take care of our little “man,” together with my husband, in order to raise him aright. We even decided to home school him not just so my professional license to teach will not go to waste but also because we feel strongly that this is the road that we ought to take.  It certainly is one of the best decisions we have made as a family.

During our teaching sessions, once in a while, I join him in playing with his educational toys that my husband and I gave him. Educational toys, like Melissa & Doug, are good quality educational toys that can make teaching (for me) and learning (for Jed) fun! With these toys, I was able to interactively teach him spelling (using the See and Spell toy), challenge his memory skills (with the Flip to Win Memory Game) and test his creativity (with the Nesting and Stacking Alphabet Blocks) and many more.

Our prayer has always been that our homeschooler will grow up to be a person that God has purposed for him to be. 🙂

Raising our Homeschooler

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