What to give on our 10th anniversary?

Less than two months until our 10th anniversary! As excited as I am, I still have not figured out what to give my husband. From the moment we got married, I only surprised him with a gift twice. While he gives me a minimum of three surprise gifts every single occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, heart’s day. Name it, he has not missed a single occasion. Yes, not counting the “monthsaries” we used to celebrate when our marriage was brand spanking new.  As forgetful as my husband is in all other areas in his daily routine (he almost always needs to come back home minutes after he left because he forgot something), boy am I so blessed to be so loved enough not to have one special occasion forgotten. I actually realized this just now. Oh, the things I take for granted!

For nine whole years and some, he always managed to act that he does not have a gift for me every time. Saying all kinds of reasons. I bought it during the first years but finally figured that I married an award winning actor no less. It is that or I’m really as gullible as can be. Because I totally get surprised every single time still by his gifts I find at random places. It’s like an easter egg hunt for me every time. Except that I try to do it discreetly. Because I always think, what if it’s true this time that there isn’t a gift at all. I don’t know how he does it really. He plays with mind like that.

According to what I have read, the 10th year marks the first major milestone in marriage. Traditionally, the 10th wedding anniversary is symbolized by either tin or aluminum because of these elements’ flexibility. Tin and aluminum remind each couple that in order for the marriage to be successful, it needs to be flexible or pliable.

Okay, so that got me a little more perplexed than I already was. I really would love it to be special this time. Since tin and/or aluminum are not exactly close to anything I think my husband would well appreciate. Unless of course, he miraculously turns into a chef or a kitchen whiz. I’ll probably just use my red envelope coupon codes to check out that perfect gift for my husband for our tenth.  Although, there really is no gift that will express enough my feeling really blessed to be in this marriage. Not an excuse, I know. Maybe I’ll start with the iPad2 on his wishlist? But then again, that’s just too plain and definitely not a surprise. But practical, right? Help me out, will you? Suggestions are most welcome! 🙂

What to give on our 10th anniversary?
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