Jeff’s 36th at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast Tagaytay

When my husband and I decided on a whiff to celebrate his 36th birthday at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay, we were talking about about our cancelled Boracay vacation. We were then in the hospital room where our son was confined for Dengue.

The Boutique B&B was the one place we have been meaning to check out. But for some reason we end up in another Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay whenever we go swing by. Our son was discharged from the hospital late afternoon on my husband’s birthday. Because my man’s birthday is worth celebrating, I made arrangements as we waited for our clearance from the hospital. We also got our son’s doctor’s approval that it is safe for him to travel. We did realize that it was going to be night time when we arrive Tagaytay but decided to press on even if our B&B stay will not be maximized. This day of celebration was it!  We headed home, packed the bags real quick and drove straight to Tagaytay.

The lobby feels of a classic European design, with a quintessential chandelier and a couple of unique box couches.

From the receptionist when I called earlier that day to the staff who accommodated us upon walk in, to the chef who served us our dinner that night and later served us a cake to celebrate Jeff’s birthday, we were very pleased with how they all treated us through and through.

We were led to this quaint powder room as soon as we checked in where we got to choose the scents that we want from The Boutique’s very own “Pamper Me” collection. We chose the scents for our bath soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and room scent. Being a scent person, this totally won me over. And we have not settled in our room just yet!

Our basket of scents

My boys chose Apricot soap and I, Lavender. Lavender for the room scent too, Milk & Honey for Shampoo and Conditioner and Aloe Vera lotion

When I called earlier that day I was told that the “i dream” room is not booked. But we chose the “i desire” room when we walked in because we were told that there is no booking scheduled the next day for this room. This means we can extend our stay an hour longer for free. Before we finalized our room of choice, we got to check out the respective spaces. The only difference of the “i dream” room and the “i desire” room is the wall color. Chocolate for the “i dream” and white for the “i desire” room.

It would have been a prettier picture if we checked in on a day time. But then again, this does not look so bad. It’s a lovely room minus the view of the scenic horizon, which by the way, sweetly greeted us good morning the next day.

A bed full of fluffy pillows. They actually have a Pillow Menu, which we did not bother with anymore. We were really happy with the ultra soft pillows which I believe are a mixture of goose down and memory pillows.

That little guy right there was just discharged from the hospital a few hours before because of Dengue. Aside from my husband’s birthday celebration, it was actually a thanksgiving celebration that the Dengue fever did not hit our son so bad. Platelet count did not dive below 200. The last 2 days of his hospital stay, he was all pumped up with energy with no sign of being half sick. God is good!

I particularly loved this corner. Perfect for just lounging with a book and cuddling with either of my boys!

Aside from the complimentary fruits, hot chocolate and churros, we were also welcomed with these for snacks.

It was really fun that we got to celebrate still despite the not so good things that unexpectedly came earlier that week. Just like what my framed crochet masterpiece that hangs on our bedroom wall says: “It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. What matters is who you have beside you.”

iPod ready speakers and dock

We immersed ourselves with my husband’s favorite new wave music most of the night. Love the surround sound of these Harman Kardon speakers.

You gotta love the see through shower. Again, because it was night when we checked in, so there really is not much to see. Come morning, you’ll see the splendid view of  the Taal lake and the horizon at the comfort of this room (pun intended).  A “Hook Me Up” shower curtain is provided to cover the lower half of the window.

Complimentary hot chocolate and freshly made churros at bedtime

Complimentary fruits: sweet mango, apple and orange

The Boutique serves the best Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs, hands down.

I especially love that the chef managed to send this in. I actually just threw in a hint that we were celebrating Jeff’s birthday. They did not just send us a teeny weeny cupcake, but a real good, freshly prepared chocolate cake. The birthday boy was able to make a wish and blow his 36th birthday candle. 🙂

Our breakfast came in with this note to reinforce the already romantic and lovely atmosphere the room is enveloped in.

The view from our room. I completely forgot to  use my camera’s Panorama iSweep feature. It would have been a better capture. The above photo was taken using my Blackberry.

My ready-for-breakfast boys!

The bed table was a big enough spread to accommodate all the breakfast goodies.

My continental breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and cornflakes (not in the picture) with Dalandan Juice

Jeff’s Filipino Breakfast: Corned Bulalo and rice with Mango juice

Our son’s scrambled eggs and spam breakfast

The  boys ate half of their plates alfresco

We initially planned to have our dinner the night before some place else. We thought of roaming about Tagaytay a little before we call it a night. But our room was too inviting that we just found ourselves staying and ordering in instead. We also had a complimentary massage. Facial cold stone for me and foot massage for the hubby. I enjoyed it thoroughly that I forgot to take photos.

We were handed with this box of sweets upon check out. Save for the scratchy bath robe I wore and took off in no time the night before, we really loved our stay at The Boutique. The bath robe, for me, was forgivable because everything else was just perfect. Did I mention that our stay was perfect timing too. We got a discount at P5,500 (Approx. $131) for the i desire room, they have an ongoing Pre-Renovation Promo until September 30, 2011. Regular rate for this room is P6,119.09 (Sun to Thurs) and P8,046.26 (Fri-Sat). Check out their regular published rates on The Boutique B&B site.

Rate/Room Inclusions:

  • Specially prepared (all day) breakfast served in bed – for two persons.
  • Complimentary facial cold stone massage or foot massage good for 2 persons.
  • Selections of body essentials from the home made “Pamper Me” line.
  • Hot chocolate with freshly made goodies at bedtime.
  • Selections of pillows (goose down, microfiber, etc.) from our pillow menu.
  • King size beds with soft feather cover and white percale in 300 Thread Count lines.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wall mounted LCD TV
  • iPod ready speakers/docks
  • Free use of DVDs from library
  • Free use of Board Games from Entertainment Library
  • Check in time at 2:00PM/ Check out time at 12:00 NN

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast

45 Aguinaldo Hi-way
Silang Crossing East
Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tel: (63+46) 413-1885, (63+927) 363-2660 , (63+46) 413-1798 & (63+46) 860-2716

Jeff’s 36th at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast Tagaytay

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