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As promised, I am giving a more detailed entry about Hi-Precision Diagnostics Laboratory‘s role in the early detection of our son’s bout with Dengue fever.  We first had our son take the Dengue NS1 test when he had fever last June.  It turned out to be viral.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics has a total of 14 branches. I still did not know before that they have a branch in Pasig, or if it was already open then. So our default was to their main branch in Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City.  Whenever I go to have my son’s blood tested, I always get asked if I had a doctor’s request. Both times, I don’t. I always choose to have the necessary laboratory result ready when we go to the doctor. That’s just me being prudent and practical.  It is for my own peace of mind as well. Even if the doctor won’t request for a laboratory test, with the Dengue fever incidents in the Philippines growing at such alarming rate, it really is better to be safe.

I was asked to fill out the Patient Registration Slip as soon as we got there.  During our first visit, I also had my son’s blood and Rh (Rhesus Factor) typing done, while he was already there for blood testing anyway. This earned him his Hi-Precision Diagnostics Patient Card.

The Hi-Precision Diagnostics Patient Card serves as his blood type card as well. My son’s blood type is printed on the covered portion of his card (above photo).  This card also serves as a discount card, 10% off on all laboratory tests.

As I mentioned in my previous Dengue post, I called the laboratory to schedule for a home service blood extraction. I could have been accommodated if I called a day earlier. Unfortunately, I called late in the afternoon, so their next day schedule was already filled up. So we went to the laboratory first thing the following morning. I already had a bad feeling about my son’s fever, given that it hardly responded to his paracetamol medication and the sponge baths that we gave him.

The medical technologists who do the extractions at Hi-Precision Diagnostics are really good. My son bravely announced that if it’s the same laboratory he was going to have his blood extraction done, then he’s okay. His basis was his first blood extraction with them which he said did not hurt at all.

The following are Hi-Precision Diagnostics Walk-In and Home Service Rates that I was able to inquire of. I did not ask for the home service rate for Blood & Rh Typing because I already had that done on our previous visit.  They also charge a home service fee of P450 for our place of residence. I think this depends on how far your place is from their laboratory.


Walk In  P 1,220                   Home Service       P 1,300

CBC & Platelet

Walk In        200                   Home Service               235

Blood & Rh Typing

Walk In        130

I think the price difference and the home service fee are reasonable, given that the patient will not have to travel to the laboratory and wait in line.  I’m thankful that we have access to such convenience despite our being third world country in so many counts.

I was given a piece of paper (above photo) with instructions on how to download the results online. They said to wait for the results to be available in four hours. I actually only had to wait for one and a half hours for the CBC Platelet result to be available. The Dengue NS1 came in around the fourth hour.

Hi-Precision Diagnostics played a substantial role in my son’s Dengue fever being detected early. When tests such as this is made available at our disposal, the number of deaths caused by this dreaded Dengue should go significantly low.

Hi-Precision Diagnostic Center, Inc. (Main Branch)
440 – 442 W. Long Building Del Monte Ave cor. Biak-Na-Bato, Bgy.Sienna, QC
Tel. No. 413-79-50
Fax No. 712-3471
Mobile: 0922-890-6664

Office hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm Mon to Sat
6:00am to 12:00nn Sundays

Website: www.hi-precision.com.ph

Hi-Precision Diagnostics Online Lab Results

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