Our little guy loves to read

I flew back home yesterday from Davao practically groggy from lack of sleep. Spent time with my son while attempting to work on the side. He was blabbering about the many things he has been reading. But before that, we played “Hospital Story” on my phone for a while after our afternoon nap. I just had to sleep off the migraine that was kicking in.

When he just would not stop telling me about the solar system, facts about the moon, how a particular desert was once fertile enough that farmers toiled on it, I just thought I’d just stop trying to work altogether and give him my undivided attention. I thought of recording a video while he was deep in his thoughts.

It’s fun to see him enjoying all the books in his library at six years old! I can only remember loving to really read when I was in middle school. And he does not just read, he reads with comprehension and he started when he was four years old! Nurturing a love of reading in my son is one of the few things I am blessed to have been passionate about from the very start. 🙂

Our little guy loves to read

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