Our badminton date nights

The husband and I have been meaning to go back to playing badminton for the longest time. But because of our respective busy schedules and priorities that need to come first, we only got down to doing it lately. We will try our best to include playing badminton in our Monday date nights from here on out.

Our spanking brand new Yonex rackets. We thought getting ourselves matching rackets will motivate us to finally get to it. High repulsion and ultra-thin gauge. They did, fyi. Got them stringed with  BG-66 ultra-thin 0.66 gauge — designed to provide excellent repulsion and shock-absorbing performance.  🙂

You see, before our little guy came, we played practically every week. It has been more than six years for me and a little less for Jeff. He continued playing with our friends before he semi-permanently switched to martial arts. I never thought I would ever be able to beat my husband’s ninja like stunts. But I did! 15-13, on our debut after so many years. Let’s just say, he went easy on me.

Sweaty and hearts racing. I’m all smiles after our game. I won 15-13 against my lovey dovey. But then, it never happened again after that night. It was probably just the gentleman in my hubby playing. 🙂

My heart raced like crazy mid-game, while Jeff was just like he’s just had a warm up. No fair! It’s already a given that he is far more fit than me. He does at least 40 push ups a day, for crying out loud! At least I am now doing what I know I should have done eons ago. Say it with me— it’s never too late!

Despite the hubby’s claim to sporting a huge belly, he’s as lean as lean can be, for me. Yes, and I’m the flabby one with ripples from subcutaneous tissues of fat. That’s really just a cute way of saying, cellulite. Cellulite, it is. But this also explains why I can barely keep up with my energizer bunny a.k.a. our six year old Jed. I will try to be a better steward of my health even as I resolve to regularly play badminton from now on. On that note, Jeff and I are hoping to tag friends along with us. Just shoot us an email or sms and let’s schedule a friendly game. 🙂

Our badminton date nights

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