BabyBond Couture Winner Announced!

As promised, I raffled off the winner of the BabyBond Couture Giveaway first thing today!

For my sanity’s sake, I used the comments section and assigned the number IDs following the contest joiners and entered the numbers 1 to 59 and clicked the generate button. As opposed to  having to jot down all names and use the list randomizer.

Congratulations to Elinor Semira! She has 11 entries in total and she sure made use of that ‘one person, per day entry’ to her advantage!  Our sincere thanks to others who joined too! Remember, we are only 100 likers away from raffling off $20. 🙂

Enjoy being an undercover mom with BabyBond Couture! It will be shipped to your address straight from Slurp & Burp LLC in New York. Meanwhile, continue sharing Marriage and Beyond’s Facebook Page. We will be raffling off $20 when we reach 1,000 likers! It will be sent via PayPal! 🙂

BabyBond Couture Winner Announced!

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