Six months until our 10th

Today is our 9 years and 6 month celebration. Six months until we turn 10 years old. I can’t believe we’re turning a decade old! Where has time flown? For married couples, the monthly celebration is a good excuse to just get away from their usual schedule. We were like that during our first few years of marriage. But our drifting away from that practice does not mean that we love each other less. It’s just one of the phases of relationships that happens.

Like today, for instance. It totally slipped my mind once again that it’s the 8th of the month. I actually had a date today with my dear friend, Lelet. It was a lunch date followed by a time in the salon. I had a real fun time with her. I am grateful to be able to do these nowadays. Having a reliable remote secretary is indeed priceless. 🙂

As for my husband and me, I’ll have to admit that we don’t go out on exclusive dates all too often. Having an only child probably does that to you. We kind of feel bad whenever we have to leave him behind. He’s alone already as it is. This is why we make the most of those little errands, that we don’t tug the kid along, squeezing in some quality time to spend together. We used to wonder if we could go back to playing regular badminton or even get a couple of yakima bike racks and explore a brand new hobby for a change.

Time restrains us from doing these things. Ministry is eating up a lot of Jeff’s time. But he does try to make up whenever he can. Plus, homeschooling and Jed’s supplementary classes, although they don’t have rigid schedules, we still have to attend to nonetheless.  This is why the travels we do from time to time means a lot to us.  Which reminds me, I still haven’t blogged about our Davao and Bohol trips. I hope to do that real soon. 🙂

Six months until our 10th

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