Jed’s 6th Birthday Celebration in Surigao

The backlogs that I have in publishing entries all across our sites can be overwhelming, so I’m choosing to get back to regular programming by posting an entry on Jed’s 6th birthday celebration in Surigao City that happened early this month. A lot has happened this month. We traveled with Jeff’s family to Davao early this month. Then roadtrip to Surigao City. Daily Vacation Bible School and 8th Anniversary of SBC-Makati as soon as we flew back from Davao and our most recent Bohol trip.  Whew! All that sandwiched in one whole month! 🙂

Our birthday celebrator and me as we waited for Jeff at Gateway Hotel in Surigao City. Jeff was totally hands on as the family prepared for Jed’s simple birthday celebration that happened at short notice.  He bought stuff for the loot bag, grocery shopped for the ingredients of the food and ordered the cake. Thanks to the rest of the family who were all game in helping with the preparations.

The tickets for both our Davao and Bohol Getaway were bought September last year via the 21st Philippine Travel Mart in Megatrade Hall.  Each ticket only cost us P270, round trip, all in. A steal, I know! Makes the 4 hours of waiting in line worth it. Save for the one hour delay on our schedule going to Davao, our AirPhil Express experience was fine. This is a first for us to fly Air Phil Express. The one hour delay was forgivable. I have heard quite a number of horrible experiences some blogger friends had with them. But I think they are shaping up, basing from our experience in both round trip flights.

Jed’s cake was a gift from Auntie Nene and Uncle Johnny, made by Rose Cake Specialties.  It was the first time I have seen most of Jeff’s relatives based in the province. They are one bunch of beautiful people! I hope that we will be able to travel and visit them more.

Papa Jeff buried in a handful of balloons while the rain poured. All for the love for his son!

If it was not drizzling, the weather was mostly overcast for most of our stay in Surigao City. Thus, we did not bother to head for the beach. It was supposedly a beach party for the little guy. But the weather was not so agreeable. The lovely house in Guyanoland which is owned by Jeff’s cousin, who is based in the States, was a lovely place to hold the party anyway.

The place getting prepped for Jed’s simple party. I remember overhearing Jed requesting for balloons for his party as he was conversing with one of his teachers in Sunday School. He said that he’s never had a balloon in his previous birthday celebrations. Awww… So that’s what we made sure he has on this “party.” Save for the photos, Jed clearly has no recollection of the birthday party he had when he was a year old.

Thanks to Auntie Tonette for her yummy Spaghetti and Pancit. They were bestsellers! I just had to add that I loved the orange flavored cake too!

Jeff’s sister, Sheryl, took care of the party games for the kids. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Especially the gifts that came with every game and the loot bags too. 🙂

Our little guy, Jed, with his second cousins.

Jeff did not waste the opportunity to share the gospel to his nephews and nieces. Another spontaneous thing we decided to do. This is where the iPad, yet again, became very handy.  Since Jed has a bunch of books in both Jeff’s iPad and my iPhone, we just chose which best fit the occasion.

Since we were pressed for time, Jeff chose Noah’s Ark by Story Chimes. It was also fitting because birthday = gifts. And the rainbow represented a symbolic gift from God to Noah and His family. We witnessed some of the kids praying to receiving Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  Our hope is in the truth that God’s word will not come back void. May the seeds that were planted in the hearts of these children grow  roots and bear fruit in God’s time. 🙂

Family picture with relatives in Surigao.

Of course, it can’t be complete without Jed’s silly antics. After looking for knife for the cake cutting, we finally found one that will do the job. Happy 6th birthday, Jed love!  I will post next on his birthday celebration in Manila Ocean Park. 🙂

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Jed’s 6th Birthday Celebration in Surigao

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