The real deal in marriage

It’s funny how some couples think that getting married is the solution to their problems. Believe those people who have gone there and told you it’s not. You might even think that yours will be better but come to think of it, almost everything happens in a pattern: After the wedding bells, honeymoon, and lots of shared dreams, one day you wake up and saw your spouse in a different way. You start to get irritated with him not fixing his bedding, you put together all the dirty clothes in a bin and he leaves his clothes on the sofa. You both are on the adjustment stage in your relationship. Just when you thought you knew your better half, guess again.

Acceptance is  the key. Changing your better half will never make the deal. It will even complicate things, to say the least.  Dating will never guarantee that you will understand each all the time regardless of the number of years you have been together. It is a lot different in marriage. Even the simplest of things can be a cause of argument. From how the toilet paper is placed on its holder, to the keeping the toilet lid down. Sounds crazy right? Yes. But in order to make your relationship stronger, ACCEPT the uniqueness of each other. That way, you can truly receive the person you have promised God to love for better or worse.

The real deal in marriage

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