Hiring a wedding planner

While it is clear for couples nowadays to be practical and do the hands-on preparation for their wedding, still some would suggest to let the experts handle the situation. With so much going on for the couple, getting the right dress, following up on some friends and family, running through the wedding invitations, ordering the cake, checking on the bridesmaid dresses, believe me, before their wedding day, they are too exhausted to walk on the isle.

Again, it is better to hire an expert and let her do the job. A wedding planner is your answer. Not that I am advertising my services just yet. 😉 As I mentioned in my previous post, I will have to stick with one or two weddings per year. A wedding planner will help you set up the wedding you like. She has know-how’s in the area so she can plan the whole thing detail by detail. Her efficiency in forming a budget plan and staying on it will help you stick in your resources. She has her schedule at hand so you will know what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. After choosing which color, music, and motif you prefer, you can leave her with the floral arrangements and all the other particulars for the said event. Choosing the right florist can make or break the whole event. It was just sweet to see that my supplier is still very much in the business, even as I recently saw him in one of Jessica Soho’s documentaries about no less than floral arrangements! 🙂

Having your wedding properly coordinated by a professional allows for couples to have that confidence that everything’s going to be as planned.  They will be able to freely enjoy everything from preparations to the wedding day itself. 🙂

Hiring a wedding planner

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