The nitty gritty of wedding preps

It has been years since I last coordinated a wedding.  After recently receiving an inquiry about my wedding coordinating services, I have come to consider maybe accepting one or two a year.  The whirlwind of emotion is limited to the daughter but the rest of her loved ones. It is indeed a very exciting time. It can be filled with a lot of details though.  Going to the City Hall to arrange the necessary papers for the marriage license can be very tiring, among others. After accomplishing the important documents, they need to have it sealed and notarized.

Then, the exciting part begins! The soon-to-be bride and her fiancé canvass for the best gown and tuxedo they can find. Again, these, among other. Next would be to look for a wedding ring and souvenirs. These are the things that I miss about doing a wedding. I will have to admit though that I have to get my suppliers list updated.

While the couple is busy with the preparations, the friends of each party have plans too before they say goodbye to their single years. Girlfriends give away bridal shower invitations while guys are thinking how to make their man enjoy his last day of  being a bachelor. Now that I have taken up the services of my reliable virtual assistant for some of my online tasks, going back to coordinating weddings might just be one of the things I can go back to soon. 🙂

The nitty gritty of wedding preps

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