Guest Post: Why are some countries impoverished while others are rich?

It is an honor for me to introduce Marriage and Beyond‘s first Guest Post – an article written by my mother who blogs via In My Solitude. It is essentially my mom’s influence that got me into journal writing. I used to do it the traditional way, armed with pen and an artsy notebook. But slowly drifted away from the practice until I went right back to it in 2004 as I desire to document my journey to motherhood.

My mother carefully preserved hard copies of letters filed in four enormous folders: two of which are labeled “Incoming Mails” and the other two “Outgoing Mails.”  None of which survived Ondoy. I have yet to find a person other than Mama who files copies of “sent” mails. The old school way, that is. We all know a copy is automatically archived in our e-mail’s Sent folder. Even in my grade school years, I admired how carefully written her letters are and saw the sentimental person in her through the way she penned her correspondences.  Since she was practically busy in the corporate world during my growing up years, reading through those letters was an interesting way to “know” her.

In all the years I have been blogging, I have received guest posting proposals and offers, which I was too busy to look into to consider. Now that I’m publishing an article from the very person who has primarily influenced me to journaling, Marriage and Beyond officially welcomes guest posts. 🙂


Guest Post by Lynn of  In My Solitude

When I came back from North America after my first visit there, I could see and feel the stark contrast between a first world country and a developing country such as the Philippines. The question “Why is it that some countries are impoverished while other countries are rich?” kept going on in my mind. Is God being unfair to make it that way? Or should we blame it on the government, or is it because of people’s attitudes and behavior?

There are many factors for the economic condition of a country. And I don’t think we should blame God for this. Partly, the government is responsible for the economic conditions of a country, and partly it is because of people’s attitudes and behavior. The government is partly responsible because they are the ones in power to create laws and enforce them. So people must elect leaders with integrity, who are impeccably honest, who are sincere, aggressive and with a clear vision to propel the country to its highest potential.

On the other hand, the people’s attitudes and behavior are partly the reason for a country’s economic condition. As a people, the Filipinos have many good character traits. Foreigners who come to our country speak well of us as being friendly and very hospitable. Another very good character trait is we are a resilient people, that enables us to bounce back after experiencing very hard times. On the other hand, we also have negative traits like the “crab mentality”, the mañana habit, the “bahala na”, and the “puwede na”, which prevents us from doing our best.

As a child, I remember we had been taught that our country is rich with natural resources, unlike many of our Asian neighbors, we have vast agricultural lands that are lying idle. Sad to say, much of these agricultural lands are still lying idle to this day. The government is not doing enough to initiate the transformation of  these lands to good use.

We do need godly, responsible, honest, aggressive leaders who will lead and motivate the people to do their best for the country. If we have this kind of leaders, God will bless us and we will be on our way to become a prosperous country. This is not impossible.

Guest Post: Why are some countries impoverished while others are rich?

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