The hubby’s first recorded music using iRig and Garage Band (Here in My Life)

The iRig that the hubby ordered through Amazon arrived via Johnny Air last week. He has been on it every single night fiddling with its effects, settings and whatever other things I probably might never get myself to figure out. There are just so many buttons! He also downloaded different applications he will need as he goes about his brand new music recording hobby.

Here are few of the apps that he downloaded from iTunes: (got the list from the email from iTunes ). But I’m not really sure what he used for this particular music.

1. GarageBand, v1.0, Developer: iTunes S.a.r.l. (4+) $4.99
2. AmpliTube FREE for iPad, Complete Fender Bundle, Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC $14.99
3. AmpliTube FREE for iPad, Flanger, Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC $2.99
4. AmpliTube FREE for iPad, Chorus, Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC $2.99
5. AmpliTube FREE for iPad, Wah, Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC $2.99
6. AmpliTube FREE for iPad, Clean Amp, Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC $4.99

As soon as we got back from the the dentist’s office this morning, the hubby sat down and recorded the different instruments for the music. The song he chose to record was Hillsong Australia’s “Here in My Life.” When he was done recording all the instruments, he had me google the lyrics and got me to sing the song. If you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that I have all but 7 stitches right around the site of the odontectomy procedure I underwent last Monday. I can already talk but cannot yet open my mouth wide. Laughing hurts and my left jaw is still bulging. I have been pretty much on Oatmeal Diet since the surgery. So please bear with me as I sang the song with but a barely opened mouth. It’s the hubby’s first raw recording using just his iPad, with the dynamics of the iRig and all those apps installed in it. The iPad is one nifty tool. My son and I use it in our homeschool classes, Jed has tons of books in it and the hubby is able to record music through it.

Without further ado, here is the hubby’s rendition of Hillsong Australia’s “Here in My Life.” It was an honor to be chosen to do its vocals despite my current handicap. As much as Jeff wants to do this post himself, he is now busy recording a song he composed. In his words, “Enough with covering songs. It’s time to do originals.” 🙂

Here In My Life via Garage Band <== (click the link to listen)

I have never walked on water
felt the waves beneath my feet but
at Your word Lord, I’ll receive Your
faith to walk on oceans deep

and I remember how You found me
in the very same place
all my failings surely would have drowned me
still You made a way

You are my freedom
Jesus, You’re the reason
I’m kneeling again at Your throne
where would I be without You here in my life
here in my life

You have said that all the heavens
sing for joy at one who finds the
way to freedom, truth of Jesus
bought from death into His life

and I remember how You saw me
through the eyes of Your grace
and though the cost was Your beloved for me
still You made a way

“Here in My Life” is a timely message as we remember God’s sacrifice on the cross for our sins. We also had an intimate Lord’s Supper celebration at home with my brother in law, Ted and two of our youth leaders who are sleeping over tonight. This is how we spent our Maundy/Holy Thursday. 🙂

The hubby’s first recorded music using iRig and Garage Band (Here in My Life)

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