ABC’s with Ace and Christi Graduation and Yellow Belt Karate Promotion

Forgive my lack of posts. Our family has been busy with the little guy’s graduation from ABC’s with Ace and Christi. We have been rehearsing since last week and the week before that was his Karate promotion for Yellow Belt. Whoever said that a homeschooler’s life can be boring couldn’t be more wrong. 🙂

Thank God for my reliable VA a.k.a. remote secretary, who is able to deliver jobs that I otherwise had to bury my head in. The below video is my son with fellow karate students during his Shotokan Karate promotion to yellow belt. Forgive the amateurish video. I had to squeeze myself in the crowd. Then I had to pass the camera to the hubby just so I can take photos via the dslr. Yes, I know, it’s one of our many stage parents moments. 🙂

We’re thrilled to be enjoying these milestones as our son levels up in both academic and his non-curricular lessons.  Now that we’re back to regular programming, we no longer have to travel several miles for graduation rehearsals, we’ve done a few celebrations – feasted, watched Jed’s favorite “Sound of Music” complete with our makeshift-can-do-for now home theater speakers, sang along and just spent time with each other. We’ll be off to visit Jed’s grandfather in Davao with my husband’s relatives next month, so that’s yet another celebration. 🙂

ABC’s with Ace and Christi Graduation and Yellow Belt Karate Promotion

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