The day I learned to Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is one of the things I have always wanted to get my hands on but never really had the chance to get around to doing. That is, until last weekend when All About Scrapbooking and Hallmark got us to our feet and challenged us to get in our artsy-craftsy mode.

The closest I got to scrapbooking was when I got some photos printed in books via Arts Cow and my wedding album recovery attempt.

All the stuff we needed for scrapbooking were provided for us during the Scrapbooking workshop. We were told to bring photos that we could use for our “projects.” So I brought with me the photos I got printed last year to replace the ones that we lost to Ondoy.

Although we were told before hand to think of a theme that we could work our project around, I really had no idea. Browsing through my photos got me to one theme, our son. A child in the family, or children, for that matter can easily be the default for a mom like me. But I figured since I have already a digiscrapped book printed with my son in it, I’d have this particular project on me and my husband, Jeff.

Bloggers getting busy with respective scrapbook projects.

Admittedly, I hardly am the most creative person I know. While I love all things beautiful, I haven’t really gotten my hands on into advanced craftivity (if there’s even such a word) like Scrapbooking. Although, my being a homeschooling mom forces me into doing simple crafts, I haven’t really put considerable time on something this grand to consider myself half adequate.

But what do you know? I made it! We were given all the necessary stuff we need. The pattern for the butterfly flaps of the book, the instruction, embellishments and everything else.

A peek inside my project. I wasn’t able to put captions with the photos yet.

While my project leaves a lot to be desired, my painstakingly working on it to be perfect, browsing through the photos, just soaking in the love I have for this person I am doing this for, I realized what the entire essence of scrapbooking after all is to dedicate time to the object of who you are doing the project for as you document memories through this art of scrapbooking.  Because, clearly, Scrapbooking isn’t something you can work in an instant. I was so giddy when I was done with my project that I was so thrilled to see the hubby that night and show him my surprise. It has been a while since I last did something special for him. We used to be lovey dovey in this artsy kind of way when we were still dating. But whoever said that it all has to stop in marriage? 🙂

This was our other project for that day – a pop up scrapbook photo holder. Looks complicated, eh? But the not so artsy me was able to pull it through. I made it myself! Of course, through the step by step instruction of the beautiful people of All About Scrapbooking and Hallmark, who I wish to thank for stirring in me a love for Scrapbooking.

The Scrapbooking Bloggers with our works of art. 🙂

Meanwhile, fresh from its successful launch in Glorietta 5, Scrapaholics’ World is back and ready to raise some serious scrapbooking fun in the east! Catch all the action on APRIL 3, 2011 at the Robinsons Metro East Activity Center and earn your place in scrapbooking history.

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The day I learned to Scrapbook

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