This is why we choose Electrolux (Halsa, Love is in the Air Conditioner Launch)

When Ervin Tan of Electrolux Philippines contacted me last month for a video shoot of an actual consumer of their air conditioners for their upcoming launch, I made it a point to clear out my schedule for it. Not because I love being in the limelight. On the contrary I have always been more comfortable working on the sidelines, thank you. Even backstage, as my dear hubby can attest to.  But with my sincere satisfaction on the Electrolux split type air conditioner that we bought last year and especially their service, I felt it was the least that I could do to express my appreciation.

with Ervin Tan, the man behind the Air Care Category of Electrolux

I first heard about the Electrolux Split Type air conditioner last year during the Electrolux Midsommer Festival luanch held in Shangri-la Hotel last March 25, 2010. Being in the middle of summer around that time, it slowly became a torture for me to homeschool and work from home at the same time. It did not take long until the hubby and me canvassed air conditioners around the malls and we actually found the deal on the Electrolux air conditioners affordable.

But trouble came in when the contractor the mall we bought our split type air conditioner from messed up on the installation – from the survey process to the installation proper. First, they came to survey our place to give us the exact amount we need to pay for (materials needed) and when they came back to get it installed, they hiked the price up without us knowing it, which totally defeated the purpose of surveying. But the worse part that the contractor did was mess up our wall. They left an ugly crack when they got it installed. This is something Electrolux clearly has no say on. I just hope Appliance Centers choose their contractors more carefully more than just giving them the job by default on who bids the lowest.

our office nook (my son’s school office and mine side by side) is where we got our Electrolux Air Conditioner installed.

I wasn’t anymore going to bother with it. Let it go and maybe have it fixed when we got our second storey built. But Electrolux called in to survey for feedback on their air conditioner and installation and I had to tell the truth. Electrolux tried to work it out with the handpicked contractor of the Appliance Center we bought the air conditioner from. The contractor did not just belittle the crack on the wall that they caused, they also did not press on the “fixing.” Being swamped with things to do as I homeschool my son and my crazy schedule as a virtual assistant working from home, I actually told Electrolux to drop it altogether. But they were persistent on having my wall fixed and sent in their preferred contractor in no time. My wall wasn’t the only thing that got fixed, my compressor too, which I then found out was also poorly installed outside, with tubes and wires hanging – it was all the while, an eye sore.

with fellow mommies/homemaker and blogger friends, Mauie, Iris P and Iris A, during the Electrolux Halsa Launch held at Sofitel last March 1, 2011

The kind of service Electrolux has is very impressive, in my opinion. I have yet to find a brand who will go the extra mile.  As Filipinos, we are most of the time, expected to just suck it in and let it be. Poor service is the usual default. NOT WITH ELECTROLUX and that’s something I can sincerely vouch for.

As for energy consumption, in almost one year that we have the split type air conditioner – the highest electricity bill we had was P3,500. The peak of summer last year when we had the split type air conditioner on most of the day. We have a separate window type air conditioner in the room as well.

Electrolux air conditioners not only provide pure, fresh air (with the Bio HEPA Filter, Follow Me, Plasma Air Purification, Vitamin C Technologies), but they are also among the most energy efficient in the market, helping you save money on your electricity bills.

Thanks to Azrael for this video capture he took during the launch. Check out my very short testimonial towards the end of the video shown during the Electrolux Halsa Air Conditioner Line launch. 🙂

This is why we choose Electrolux (Halsa, Love is in the Air Conditioner Launch)

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