Two years in and we are still loving homeschooling

Homeschooling, for the most part, is still relatively new here in the Philippines. Or should I say, is a “newly accepted” education alternative. A year before we officially jumped in the waters of homeschooling, we were bombarded by well-meaning relatives and loved ones who tried their best to talk us out of it. Although it has come to a point of being annoying at times, I had to keep in mind that they are of a totally different paradigm and it is never easy to make that shift in mindset.

Although my husband and I have the tendency on not thinking alike sometimes, this is something that I appreciate to bits that we have ONE MIND ON. It works for us the best, so far. But we are not saying that we will definitely be here for the long haul. We will go as we are led.

As we have said in our previous posts on homeschooling, it is a good alternative. But it clearly is not for everyone. It is important to factor in the child’s personality and the availability of the parent who is slated to supervise the homeschooling. It will be extra challenging if the homeschooling parent has a job. The marriage might suffer in that case, unless they device some kind of system that will make it otherwise work.

Leaving the corporate world is definitely one of the best leap of faith decisions that we will always be thankful for. Yes, I did enjoy being a business coordinator back then, plotting out investment strategies, even looking into heaps of disability applications day in and day out. But there is nothing like what I am doing now, for which I am thoroughly grateful for.

For updates on our family’s homeschooling journey, head on to Christian Homeschooler. 🙂

Two years in and we are still loving homeschooling

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