A celebration of love and everything sweet at Max’s Pre-Valentine event

When the hubby and I received an invite last week for Max’s Pre-Valentine event happening on our 14th anniversary as a couple, we were not able to confirm right away since we were not sure if we will be celebrating elsewhere. But since we are slated to go to Batangas on V Day, we thought we can drop by and check out Max’s Valentine offering.

True enough, Max’s Valentine event cannot be more timely. The theme was love and and everything sweet. We have known and loved Max’s Caramel Bars for as long as we can remember but have not really tried for ourselves their other offerings.

What is more sweet about this is we were not just handed with their sweet cupcakes and truffles. A cupcake decorating demonstration also took place.

We were challenged to design a cupcake and dedicate it to a person. For both the hubby and me, since it is our anniversary, we were told to dedicate a cupcake for each other. After racking my brain for some cupcake ideas and wasted a few minutes on trying to figure out (and failed) how to design a soccer ball cupcake, I just thought I’d design a simple one which may very well still describe of the hubby. Unassuming (a sweet excuse for my lack of creativity) but full of substance – he is one full package of brains (a Mensan, at that), love (for God, first and foremost), manly vigor and everything I could ever wish for in a husband.

My 14th anniversary cupcake for Jeff. It may not look spectacular all right. But the “Jeff love” should say it all.

Jeff dedicated and said I was his sunshine for 14 years! Aww… I know I am not exactly all bright and shiny everyday in that 14 years. Those who knew us from the beginning would be the first to attest to that. The good things must have made up for the not so good ones enough for my husband to conclude that. To be a better wife, that’s what I’m still constantly working at. 😉

We shared some caramel bar loving during our Valentine banquet in church last night.

We have always believed that we should not wait until the hearts day to give some loving to whom it is due – or even to those who we think don’t deserve it. But whoever said that we can’t during V Day, right? We might as well jumpstart with these sweets. I really would rather receive sweets than flowers on any occasion. The hubby knows that very well by now.

my love and me in our Max’s Corner Bakery aprons. After the launch, we headed right to a pastor/friend’s place for yet another celebration of life and love. We received the invitation while we were on our way to Max’s that night. So we thought we can still drop by on our way home. 🙂

Incidentally, Max’s Corner Bakery is also launching its sweetest promo yet. For a minimum spend of PhP 1,500 from February 12 to 14, Max’s diners can surprise their loved ones with a special Valentines box of delectable chocolates – a free treat from Max’s Corner Bakery!

A celebration of love and everything sweet at Max’s Pre-Valentine event

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