Planning and executing a dream wedding

One of the most exciting times a woman can have is the time between being asked for her hand and the moment she says, “I do”. This is an amazing time because the woman finally gets to plan and execute the wedding of her dreams. Even if she has a small budget, there are most certainly ways she can cut corners and still be very happy and proud of her glorious day. Soon after receiving her diamond, she will be off her with her best friends planning the dress as well as the reception. Choosing the food for the wedding as well as the cake can not only be fun, but filling. There are many different dishes to taste as well as cake samples. Some of the cakes may not be right for the wedding, but it is sure great to taste them, especially on a day when she is in such a good mood due to the subject matter of her stress.

Planning the reception is also very exciting, from choosing the center pieces to picking a band or DJ, a woman usually has all of the details planned before hand ensuring a beautiful and fun day for all involved. Marriage is a joint affair, but in many cases, the woman is the one who plans the majority of the details. The man is there for support, but he doesn’t always really know what his lady would like in this arena. Some couples do discuss these things with each other and the man may have a good enough memory to remember, but it is always best to let the woman lead in this area and you can maintain open communication and express your thoughts about how you feel about each aspects as a man. Either way, the day will be amazing because you love each other and want to spend your life together, and that alone is reason enough to smile. 🙂

Planning and executing a dream wedding

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