Valentine’s Day Survey Infographic

Interflora Valentine's Day survey infographic

I have always known that I am part of the minority. I don’t like flowers on Valentine’s Day or any other occasion for that matter. I would rather receive chocolates or practical things that I can use. People oftentimes don’t get me. But I’m really just different that way. I’d rather get a flower in a pot. That way I don’t have to witness it wither too soon.

But as for the hubby and I and and two of our blogger friends, Iris and Montsch, we will celebrating hearts day in a lovely place somewhere in Batangas. It will be a double date for us. Maybe our not so little guy in tow to stand as our human tripod again. Meanwhile, I hope to share with you this interesting Valentine’s Day survey infographic by Interflora. 🙂

Valentine’s Day Survey Infographic

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